Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Body Hair - What's the Story?

Faithful Reader Ted noted that "there are men blessed with great amounts and others who don't have anything." And then asked, "What is the story behind that?"

There are many reasons behind the diversity in body hair on men. For those who do not shave,
or otherwise remove body hair via waxing or laser removal,
it is mainly a product of two things: Our ethnic heritage and the level of Testosterone.


Many men of certain ethnicity are naturally very hairy.
Even their cocks can be covered in it.
(Though why any guy wouldn't remove it is beyond me.)
Others, like me for instance, have low levels of Testosterone. My issue is caused by childhood illness (Mumps and Scarlet Fever) which resulted in small testicles and very low levels of Testosterone. This is proved out by the fact that my father was naturally hairy, and my brother has quite a bit of body hair while I do not.
Many man like to trim the pubic hair for aesthetic reasons. Personally, I trim the pubes
and shave my scrotum and the shaft of my penis
because it is less sweaty and, therefore, less itchy - and I prefer the well-groomed look of it. And, let's face it - when I was a dancer it was a requirement that we have no visible hair, and I got used to it.

Whether you're naturally hairy or smooth, or shave, wax, or laser it away is all a personal preference. We do what makes us feel good about ourselves; perhaps going for a look we like on others. Or what our partners/spouses/significant others prefer.


French Patrick said...

Difficult to believe that you have a low level of testosterone. But if it's true, that does not seem to change a lot of things.
In France we say familiarly "c'est au poil" (word by word, = it is at the hair)" " it is in the hair) for saying that everything is well. But it is nothing more than an expression.
In my opinion, except the fact to have to shave oneself more or less, to have hairs or not change nothing. The least being the best.
The testosterone is secreted by the suprarenal glands at the woman as at the man and nevertheless she is not less hairy.
The testosterone produced by the ovaries of the woman stops, naturally, in the menopause and she do not lose her hairs.
The proportionality of the number of hairs and the quantity of testosterone is very disputable.

At least, there is no doubt that I wish you a wondrous day with a lots a bisous as well as to the marvellous Jean.

French Patrick said...

Read "The testosterone is secreted by the suprarenal glands as well at the woman as at the man and nevertheless she is less hairy."
And when I said "The least being the best." I was thinking only of those of the face.

AOM said...

Great information! Thanks, bro. I hope you are well and having fun. Wishing you a bonerific day! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Spear said...

I have to ask. What type of dancer were you that you had to shave all your body hair. You really have my curiosity.

Anonymous said...

Have no hair on my chest! And for many years very little elsewhere except pubic hair. Now! In old age I have become very hairy: arms, legs, thighs, tummy!!!!!!!!!!! My doctor tells me that I have very high testosterone level for my age!!!! Trim my pubic hair especially in summer for hygienic reasons! Yes! Me!

Jean WM said...

Natural with a little trimming gets my vote. Back hair another story, and it seems to me all men look younger with a clean-shaven face.
If you grow a beard it should be close in color to your head hair. (Grey beard makes you look much older. Maybe that's why when older men shave off their grey beards they look much younger.)

Love to dear Pat and French Patrick.

T said...

Climate is also a factor but is harder to see as it takes longer to happen. The human body will adapt to suit its climate but it happens over a period of generations. When you look at the immediate link (farther-son) very little will change but when you start expanding to earlier generations you get to see a clearer image of the body adapting to suit the climate.

A good place to see how climate influences the human body in most recent times is the last nomadic shift which was the European Invasion of Australia (First Settlement/Invasion) and its later cycle when Australia became open to European Immigration. From First Invasion up until European Migration the Europeans who settled there gradually got taller, less hairy and developed oily skin to adapt to suit the climate. The initial process took a couple hundred years but accelerated once Australia became mass migration for Europeans in the early 1900's. You can see the changes from the later group in as little as 3 generations. The climate change is not just unique to the European group as the Asian Migration of Australia show similar signs (mainly China as they have been doing it longer).

You can look at the European Invasion of North America but its a more gradual change as the climate is still pretty similar to Europe. The South American Invasion you can see it as well very similar to Australia its just not as recent.

Fullmoonma said...

Some observations on body hair

1. I have quite a lot, including hair growing on my penis. I've had a hairy body since I was in my late teens, and it's gradually grown thicker.
2. I love to massage guys with smooth skin and little hair - it takes a lot of oil to wet each strand of hair to keep from pulling. Once massaged a guy with hair 2" - 3" long on his legs - it proved to be impossible to keep from pulling it!
3. I've been plucking the hair from my penis for about 25 years to keep it from pulling when I masturbate, which I do a lot. Plucking makes it super smooth, and gradually the hairs get finer and less of a problem.
4. My partner likes my body hair, so I'll just trim it shortere when it starts to bother me - 1/4" on my balls, 3/4" on my chest

Fullmoonma said...

If you like to see pictures of beautiful naturally hairy men, check out

SickoRicko said...

Trimmed pubes are my preference.

Xersex said...

I agree with Sickoricko!
love to be completely shaved!

Anonymous said...

@T: It gets complicated, too. With body hair, sexual selection is more relevant.

In North America, there's also a great deal of regional variation in build. The "classically Indian" features tend to be a guy well over six feet tall, while West Coast Indians are short.

whkattk said...

@ Spear - A lot of strutting and posing, 90% naked parading topless women around the stage on the arm. In other words: Vintage Vegas-style stuff. Also did modern dance in some pretty skimpy costumes. The Stage Manager would actually come around and inspect top make sure we'd all shaved - no hair poking out from under the dance strap. If he/she saw any, well, you'd have a razor and shaving cream handed to you. And, just like the one photo depicts, the guys would help each other shave cracks and taints.