Friday, October 21, 2016

No Bulge???

Watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show television remake last night. As someone who had gone into a movie theater and done all the silly things along with the film, I thought the concept was fun. Then... Then... Frank N Furter made her entrance. Nope. They lost me. How does a Transvestite have huge breasts and no bulge? I mean the lyrics are "a sweet transvestite from Transexual Transylvania."
Image Courtesy of 20th Century Fox/Image Courtesy of FOX
And, I'm sorry, but Laverne Cox had absolutely no sex appeal at all. Then... Then... To make it worse, Rocky is brought to life in gold...baggy boxing trunks???? Oh, Kenny Ortega, you totally blew it. Again.
 Perhaps we can get those lame sexless images from the remake out of our minds if we see what we should have seen over those 90 minutes (I'm discounting the commercials).










Unless, of course, I'm wrong that males should have a bulge.
Am I?


RockHard said...

I'm with you. It's all about the bulge. That's why I got a testicular implant after losing the left one to nerve damage after hernia surgery. There are two "dressing" options. Freeballing or bulging. I wonder how many straight men check asses and bulges. I do Always have.

AOM said...

Bugles are goo, M'kay! : ) Thanks for all the wonderful things you've brought us. I hope all is well and that you are having fun. Wishin gyou an awesome day and jizztastic weekend. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

SickoRicko said...

I agree with most everything; although the Rocky's boxers really showed a FINE ass!

mistress maddie said...

I watched and love Laverne Cox, but I though the whole thing was mediocre at best. I love bulges! And I have no problem showing them off either. of the pictures looks quite tickled! Have a wonderful weekend my friend. My resting up for my big day here soon.💋💋💋

Semper Veri said...

You are not wrong at all. I saw the trailer on youtube and that was enough for me. Not watching it, not giving it 1 second of my time.

What a waste of everything,


Xersex said...

love your pics so much!
thanks for your comment here

Anonymous said...

Part of it is standards and practices. Fox is still a broadcast station, and therefore subject to FCC regulations. It's also related to how publicly modest male millennials are, but also sending dick pics and being "mostly straight".

Millennials also won't get the references. Steve Reeves? AMG? Yeah, these were before we were born.

French Patrick said...

I think that most of time if we choose to be a transvestite or a transexual this implies that we are not wanting above all to seem manly. The transexual wants to have no cock by having surgery, and the travestite wants to hide it, strapped between his thighs. Therefore, no bulge in both case.
Bisous, my friend. Love, Jean.

Mark Greene said...

Now THAT'S what a bulge should look like ! And Maddie can one of these pics be you????

The Male Casting Couch

whkattk said...

@ Anonymous - Yes, but why would they put baggy boxing shorts of Rocky AFTER they had Brad in tighty-whities???

@ MFP - Mon ami, the point of Frank N Furter is that he dresses in corsets with no breasts, and in lovely panties and garters which show off his assets. The whole of the original script was to make fun of a society (ours) which views anything but heterosexuals as aliens from some awful strange planet. LOL

whkattk said...

@ mistress - Oh, yes... You would recognize one of those bugles, wouldn't you? LOL. We ALL thank you for sharing!

whkattk said...

I never did understand why if a woman doesn't prominantly display her tits she is looked down on but heaven forbid that a guy should have any trace of cock or balls even suggested! Why do we have to hide? We should definitely revolt!!! -Richard

French Patrick said...

Aliens or not, if they are supposed to be transvestites or transexuals, that implies that the actors have to look like transvestites or transexuals and therefore to have no bulge.
"Why do we have to hide?", it's not compulsory for us, but it's what transvestites or transexuals want either not to have or to hide..
Pat, friendly bisos, my friend.
Jean, loving bisous, my heart.