Thursday, March 2, 2017

Level of Arousal

So, when we're shy about being naked in front of other people, how do we manage to ever have sex? If being seen with what we in the military used to call a "soft-off" (you know, as opposed to a hard-on), how do we make the leap into sex?


I think it has everything to do with our level of arousal. At some point, we forget to be embarrassed - not just about getting naked, but with our cocks standing long and thick and bouncing with anticipation.
Back in my military days, I had no issues with being naked in front of the guys - it's not like you have a choice, anyway. And seeing one another's boners was a daily sight.

But, I had this one woman I had been seeing for a few months. She was always telling me what a nice ass I had, and how much she'd love to get at the "great bulge" in my pants.
I don't know why, I can't explain it... It's not like I hadn't already had sex with a woman - I had. And plenty of mutual jacking with guys. But, for some reason, I had real issues with this woman seeing me naked.
Then, one Saturday night at a drive-in movie (remember those??), we'd reclined in the back seat of my car. Another couple we knew were parked next to us and they were going at it without shame. So, my date started groping my crotch. Instant boner! It wasn't long before I just had to let that thing free.


That cured my problem with being naked in front of anyone.
 Yep, even if I sprout a bit of wood.
How did you first get naked for sex with someone who had never seen you?


French Patrick said...

Soft-off, hard-on...
Soft is the contrary of hard, off is the opposite of on.
I was taught that the opposites nullify themselves, and, in a way, return us to the square one.
This teasing, which is attributable in full to my well known usual bad faith (I admit that, for instance, it is more true in algebra than in love), do not prevent me from wishing you a wondrous day with lots of bisous, my darlins Jean and Pat.

Mark Greene said...

I love those picture of those beautiful cocks ! absolutely delicious ! For me I 've shot at a few nude beaches and had the models ask me why don't I shoot naked. For me as fun as it might be. My boner would want to play but my mind would want to work. therefore I wouldn't get very few good shots because of my distraction.

Now if I was at a buddy's house and he got nude and he wanted me to i believe I would.

I am more of a voyeur than an exhibitionist so it would take me some time to get comfortable with no clothes on.

The Male Casting Couch

Xersex said...

My experience is so particular, or perhaps notr so much, because froom 2012 I have been going to a sex club where I can make sex with other men completely naked ... so ... I felt confortable in that situation from the beginning ...

Patrick said...

I remember that this guy contacted me to come to his place. He'd never seen me naked and I'd never seen him naked, but when I walked into his room ( he was living in a hostel) there he was naked with a huge erection. I could not get out of my clothes quickly enough, and I had a spontaneous erection at the sight of him. That started a series of Saturday afternoons spent with him. Often my cock was already hard before I got to his room, just by the thought of what was about to happen!

mistress maddie said... started with a gin and tonic........

Jean WM said...

I've never met a guy who was shy about taking his clothes off! (I laugh when I write this.) When you're younger I think it's a gradual process, as dates go on you reveal a little more each time. Then you reach a point when you're an adult and you want to take your clothes off!!

Fullmoonma said...

It was 1973 or 1974 - and I was a 32 year old virgin and trying to change that. I think I must have answered an ad in the local gay newspaper, or maybe the "alternative" one - this is pre-internet except for the guys monkeying around in a lab at the other end of the city. Don turned out to be a nice and horny medical post-doc who teased my cock out of my clothes and gave me my first blow job in front of the upstairs bathroom mirror - my cock is growing thick with that 30 year old memory. I had no idea I could feel so much! Great that my first blow job was probably the best ever! I think it was my only BJ from Don, although a few years later my boyfriend used to hook up with his partner and we all saw each other a few times...

Anonymous said...

1955, Manila in the Philippines. In a grass hut with a local bar girl. I lost my virginity that night. For my 1st time, I didn’t enjoy the experience.


whkattk said...

@ mistress - Of course it did! LOL.

Anonymous said...

I think my dad did a real good job of telling you all my experience. Thanks Dad! LOL Really it wasnt a big deal for me and my friends. Maybe because it really did start with showing our cocks to compare them Then I popped a huge boner right there infront of the other guys and everything started to happen at once.

Brad said...

well put when you said - it's not like you have a choice - when we are knowing ourselves with others at same, it's became natural to do

Gabriel said...

I actually was very nervous about getting naked for sex for the first time. I think it was more about the performance rather than being naked, but it all went hand in hand (no pun intended...LOL!) I grew up in a large family and it was not uncommon for the guys to be naked in front of each other and even sport a semi from time to time. Being the youngest male, I saw more semi-hard cocks than they did of me due to the age difference. Today, I am a nudist and love being naked in social (and sexual) situations!

FlopsReturns said...

Where did you get the GIF with the boys walking around in flip flops??? I HAVE to have this!