Thursday, March 30, 2017

What Really Matters?

We all love seeing the hot, handsome, fit men. Even straight dudes notice them (come on, guys, you can admit it).

Even clothed.

We love seeing hot, pretty, shapely women, too (come on, gay guys, you can admit it). Even clothed.
Straight men oogle and comment on big tits, when the average breast size in the US is 34DD. 
Gay men oogle and comment on the big bulge, when the average hard cock is 5.1".
But, what really matters when you're out - whether it's for a quick hook-up or looking for a relationship?

Having an above average cock is great for flaunting at the gym or spa. It's great walking around and seeing people react to the bulge in the crotch. It's nice to have it recognized.

But, talk to a guy who's hung - really hung - and you'll be surprised at how difficult it is for him to find a relationship. My brother has - well, had until prostate surgery - a 10" cock, with matching girth. Yeah, gay guys certainly noticed. Women, not so much - until he loosed that python. Then the reaction, 9 out of 10 times, was, "Get that thing away from me." And, it was over before it began.
Do you look for the big bulge in the pants, or Mt Everest breasts? Big or small, does size matter?

Has it ever been a deal breaker?


Xersex said...

if the dick is very small, size can matter.

I was sure that this post would have been appreciated by you!

AOM said...

I much prefer 'em on the smaller size (5-7) - much easier to play with - my first bf was 10'' - after blowing him I'd look very surprised for days after :0 Wishing you a wonderful weekend, bro. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

SickoRicko said...

While larger than average is nice to look at, more than a mouthful is a waste.

Gabriel said...

The size of my partner's cock has never been a deal breaker in a relationship. I have been with guys who would be considered smaller than average, but they knew how to use it. And I have been with well endowed guys who had a harder time getting fully erect. So bigger is not always better, but then again I do like seeing a well endowed man. I am full of contradictions! LOL!

Patrick said...

Big might be "great", but a cock is a cock! Big or average or even small you can still have "fun" with it. I guess I'm about average or a little more! But I've never been refused or turned away by other guys! Unfortunately, due to prostate surgery, as you know, mine no longer "works". But at 83 I can live with that!

Anonymous said...

I don't matter

mistress maddie said...

For me, never a deal breaker, but I generally prefer a nice hard 8-8 1/2 for me. I do like to have oral on big ones, but that's where I cut it off. No anal.

Jean WM said...

I suspect it comes down to personal taste. I've never thought of women with huge breasts as being that attractive, but that goes for men with huge muscles. I've also known an extremely handsome man who was such a jerk that his beauty diminished as I got to know him. Same goes for the guy who might not be handsome at all but can be so charming that looks aren't important at all.

And then it all comes down to what you do with what you've got! Hugs Pat and French Patrick.

T said...

In the first picture; sunscreen. That guy is getting cooked!

The physical stuff; if it fits in one hand length you can do everything with it. If you need more than one hand length its got limited use. I would rather quality over the other stuff. Quality sex can be difficult to find.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Oh, that sounds very familiar - the handsome guy who turns out to be too full of himself, knows he's good-looking and uses it against women and men like a weapon.

I'm with you on the size score, too. Overly large breasts aren't attractive. Muscle-bound men - I actually find them visually distasteful.

A French Patrick said...

@ Jean WM
Even when I was straight, or ignoring that I was gay, I've never thought that the women with huge breasts were more attractive than the others. On the contrary. Too much is too much. Hungry, yes, as all the young men, but bulimic, no.

Can you think of any reason why our Miss France, Sylvie Tellier, has been the first French woman who won the title of Miss World?
Never mind, I'll tell you why we have had to wait for this event up to 2017. Because to become a miss France (precondition for the access to the Miss world's contest), it is imperative in France not to have used the plastic surgery, while the Miss World's committee don't care if the huge breastes are natural or artificially hypertrophied. And the immense majority of the winners belong to this last category.
We deduct easily from it the preference of the majority of the men. But if it was necessary to change something, I do not think that that is in the rules of the Miss France's contest, even if that deprives us almost each time of the title of Miss World.
Love, hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat. Have a great weekend.

Steve said...

Right. Well muscled men are extremely attractive, as illustrated by your photos 2, 9, 11 and 14. But vastly beyond that level of musculature, as one sees in bodybuilding contests, the overall effect is grotesque.

Same with women sporting enormous breasts. Where the woman is dragging around enough mammary tissue (with or without silicone) to smother a dog, it's not even something I want to look at, much less get close to.

Artistjsudler said...

many years ago, a friend of mine (6'1") had an 8.5" cock and the girth was equal to a coke can. His wife was a petite 5'1". After not even 4 months, they had the marriage annulled because he physically could not penetrate her. I know it emotionally destroyed them both. And they were both virgins going into this. The doctors told her she could probably never have normal sex or even children without very expensive surgery that the insurance wouldn't cover. So size can sometimes contribute to a difficult situation.