Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Naked and Unafraid

Some folks can be naked and unafraid in public... Some of us cannot do it.
Naked in front of others of the same gender makes some people very uneasy. Having others naked really bothers some folks, too, and I'm still not sure I understand that at all.

I'm not talking about boners in public
or in front of your friends at the backyard pool.
We made our annual trek to the AMC Best Picture Showcase prior to the Oscar telecast. I absolutely agree with the pick of Moonlight. After seeing the film, we discussed as we always do - that's what makes the Showcase so much fun. And it makes watching the Oscars that much more enjoyable. One scene of the film finds a group of young guys in a room comparing cocks and commenting. Something I remember doing as a kid. It's pretty common for males at that age.


One of our group has never done that. He hated school because of Phys Ed locker rooms and showers.
He hid as much as possible, juggled the towel while pulling on his briefs
always faced the wall under the showers.
Yet, he can't explain why he doesn't want others to see his cock. He's visited here in Summer months... I swim naked.

He won't. Ever. Not even when it's guys only.

Guys, did you compare with buddies in your younger days?
As an adult, are you okay being naked in front of other people - same gender or not?
Ladies? What about you; are you comfortable being nude?
Does it bother you if others are?


mistress maddie said...

While I can see some people being uneasy I'm not, and I would never push being naked on someone who doesn't feel comfortable. But could never understand fear of being naked in front of the same sex. In school locker room, I always let in swing free. And I love the Woods Campground I go to in the same. And yes we did compare sizes. My friend Ski had a HUGE cock out of all of us. I was always enthralled by its size. He even let me give him hand jobs several times.

Patrick said...

Interesting question! I think a lot depends on one's early years and what one's parents may have taught you. Three of us boys used to play together in the nude, nothing sexual about it. We just felt good being nude together. My mother knew but never said anything about it. But she did say to me one day, "Don't take you clothes off in front of girls". It was only later, at boarding school that, through the lectures of the priest-in-charge, I came to think that nudity was wrong, even sinful.

Thanks for your visits and comments! Oh! at 82 I no longer have to fast! Thought you would have liked the Matthiesen painting - 1903! Visits have picked up dramatically this week on my blog!

French Patrick said...

How have you been since the last month, my dear Pat?
1st March, 2017, the World Compliment Day! Of course my answer will depend on whether or not you were naked today? And in both cases, I wish to congratulate you, if not for that, at least for all the rest, by wishing you a wondrous day with a lot of bisous.
The same goes for our loved Jean, except that she deserves compliments every day all year round.

Steve said...

I actually don't remember talking about differences of that nature. It doesn't seem that there was much of a difference among the guys in gym class, with one exception. There was a young man from Tennessee who must have had an overload of hormones even in 9th grade. He had a very deep voice for that age. He was growing chest hair ahead of the rest of us, and the hair on his scalp was already thinning! Most impressively, he had an enormous, beautiful cock; probably over 7 inches long and fully 7 inches in circumference, flaccid. It was all I could do not to stare. He betrayed no self-consciousness about it, nor was he inordinately proud of it. Very sweet guy in terms of personality. In hindsight I wish that I had gone more out of my way to befriend him.

We had group showers in the gym, so there was no way to be shy about what we had or didn't have, and the Army was more of the same. To this day I am not bothered being naked around other men. Women (aside from the spouse), by contrast, NO WAY!

Brad said...

I don't bother if others are naked, I'm comfortable being nude since my old man was very comfortable as a reference. As an adult, I think I'm okay being naked in front of other people, not that I usually do, but I think it's okay. in my younger days I didn't actually compare with buddies, but we talked about it a lot.

Xersex said...

I was so shy when I was teenager, and now I don't have any occasios to be naked in "public", sex apart!

T said...

It just depends on the situation. If its a change room your there to do one thing; change clothes. At some stage your going to be naked. Get in, do what you have to do and get out of there. Public showers; nope. Like toilets I wont use them. Its not a nudity issue its a hygiene issue; public toilets/showers I dont trust anyone.

When its at home or out with close friends on trips and stuff, the first day everyone will be clothed but a couple days later if its on a trip the only clothing anyone has on would be socks if the floor is cold or if we are heading out. If we just staying at each others house for a period of time the next day your going to see a dick other than yours.

Anonymous said...

It's taken many years, but I'm finally getting more comfortable being nude in front of others. Its typically a locker room scenario, but in a few months a group of us are headed to Costa Rica for a week. We've got a private villa and pool and its already been stated that clothing will be optional. Some in our group are extremely comfortable with it, others are more reserved, but not offended. Personally, I can't wait!

whkattk said...

@ Anon - That sounds like a great trip! Being on a trip and staying in a place where people don't have any issues with being nude is very freeing. Yes, at first, you're ALL going to be checking out one another's natural, it's normal. the novelty of seeing your friends naked will quickly fade into the background. I think you'll have a wonderful time! Being nude all day long is the best.

Anonymous said...

I remember my 1st time comparing dicks with my best friend when I was a kid.. we talked about our dicks and also our balls. We had only seen our fathers and well being a kid to an adult we knew it would get bigger. So, we felt each other's and felt our shaft and balls and even played with our foreskin. We got aroused and at that as I was 13 and already full bush and he just had hair but not as much as me. He asked why and I couldn't tell him.. we were both 13, I told him it will happen. Well we kept feelingbeach others dicks and then we sprung wood. Mine was bigger and we put them side by side and then up against each other.. which felt good.. I remember him saying what's that ? And I looked down and saw that my head was dripping (im a big per-cummed) and he had no clue what it was... I remember tasting it and also "jack" his name for this, asked me and I told him to try.. well that was my 1st blowjob lol.. not really... but he did out his mouth on it and dared mentoo. So we hit hard and I helped him jack off and when he pre-cummed he was excited.. like a kid in candy store. As I got older in public pools in Germany it's natural naked men everywhere.. big dicks little, cut, uncut andninalways felt comfortable. It wasn't until I came to America thatbin highschool I saw some nice bug dicks and also guys playing around comparing size andbtowel slapping and we had one guy who always jerked while walking around. He accidentally came and it got on a guy as he just squirted around the room.. we laughed and laughed and well to our surprise the goalie was well hung he jacked and then it just passed to guy to guy. We all jacked off and it was fun to see.. now I'm older and have my jerk club 1st of the month.. and each new members must get naked while we remain clothed for an hour and walk around, if the newbie gets hard he has to jerk.. once he cums, the circle jerk begins. I love being naked and commando, if I could walk around and drive naked I'd be in heaven.. guys are guys and while we have fun we all feel great being naked around total strangers and give them a helping hand.

Gabriel said...

I am a nudist so I am very comfortable with being nude in front of others. I grew up in a large family and my older brothers would be naked from time to time getting in and out of showers and such. Just natural activities like that. I think when you grow up in situations like that, it helps when it comes to being naked in public showers, etc., in front of other men. I was not shy in high school in the locker room. And even though I am gay, I am OK with being in social situations with other nudists at beaches and resorts, male and female.