Wednesday, March 29, 2017


I wish that had been me yesterday, lounging around. But it was life that got in the way of posting. Too many things scheduled - some that I plumb forgot about and damn near missed. Mama said there'd be days like that. Mama was right. LOL.
We need variety in all things. After all, "Variety is the spice of life." That includes sex. New surroundings, new positions, new grips with new strokes.




One way to change things up a bit is to add toys.

A man wrote in to Dear Abby because he and his wife house and pet sit while their son and daughter-in-law go on vacation. The kids are having difficulty in conceiving, so they go off on a romantic adventure in an effort to enhance the chances. Mom and Dad go over to the house for a check. Dad sees "an anatomically correct toy" left out on the nightstand (he didn't specify what type).

And, evidently believing said toy is inhibiting conception in some way, he now wants to talk to his son about it because "they've always been close and gotten along well."



Abby basically tells Dad to MYOB. Guaranteed he is going to ignore that advice because the image of that toy is in his brain as a burning question.

What would you do if you were house/pet sitting and discovered a sex toy in a friend or relative's bedroom?
Would you say anything? 


SickoRicko said...

I would mind my own business. (GIF "B" looks very interesting!)

AOM said...

It would depend on how close I was to that friend if I were to say anything - like I saw your fleshjack - awesome - I have one too - but then we'd probably already know that : ) I agree - changing things up is important. I wish you a bonerific day, bro. Hugs, Licks and Strokes, AOM

Xersex said...

no, I'm not into sex toys, but for me sex is a pillar of my life, so I can imagine someone can enjoy himself with sex toys!

mistress maddie said...

If it wasn't causing problems, like having lack of sex or conceiving.....probably nor. If it was a handsome friend, when they returned, I'd ask if they would like to use the real thing some time!!!!! Meowwwww.

Patrick said...

So pleased that it was not your health! No! I would not say anything! Great images as always!

Patrick said...

AH! YES! Just found your comment on the previous post! Yes! There are Southern Lights but they are rather rare and, as there is very little land mass near the South Pole, very few people would see them. At times they are visible from our most southern island state, Tasmania. They are named "Aurora Australis"!

Lots of hugs,

The Old Man

Fullmoonma said...

When I found "Scott" a commemorative dildo I bought 20 years ago on my bedside table a few days ago I asked if it needed to be washed...

Anonymous said...

I'd laugh and ignore it.

Fit Studs said...

Thr boy #5 chilling... Nice! ^_^

Jean WM said...

Nope! Everyone is entitled to their own privacy. Also you're probably not going to know the whole story anyway, just assume the best.
Yes, we certainly can get too busy. Life is good, my taxes are done. Hugs and kisses.

Mark Greene said...

I would think that its not really any concern of mine. I'm not there to sit the toys. I'm there to sit the house or pet. I would totallyignore it. Why make an awkward situation out of something that doesn't needs to be?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog first off... amazing and always the best articles and discussions.
In regards to this discussion, I will say that when I lived with my first room mate we always had a great time.
He was your typical all American guy and looked good. I myself not a bad looking foreigner lol my self. We always got our girls together at bars. But we never had them "together". Anyway, we were always close bros, drinking, partying, and of course smoking and watching movies and what guy doesn't like porn.
We worked together so we were always hanging out. Also we both had an extensive porn collection.. dvds, magazines, and websites that
we'd share our IDs and passwords to enjoy. Sometimes we'd have our man day together, in separate rooms and see who hold out the longest and who could main the loudest, but again never together. Anyway one day my bro was gone and like you said "a man needs his alone time"
So, I went into his closet to see what new mags or dvds he had. But I discovered a flesh light jack toy. I got so curious and was already hard, so I checked it out to make sure it was clean, lubed up and gave it a really good play and one heck of an afternoon :) such an amazing experience. So, I finished up with one heck of a mess and cleaned up and in walked my roommate about 30 min or so later.I had cleaned the toy in the kitchen and let it dry on the counter. So I grabbed it and walked half way and met "Dave" and handed him his clean flesh light, and handed it off and shook his hand like I was passing a baton in a relay race and told him "thank you... fucking amazing" and smiled.
He laughed and said fuck yes it after that it moved our bromance as it's called lol to sharing each other and our toys, girls,and guys to a greater level that made us bond and become better friends... I think guys should try and if close share toys and if comfortable watch each other, explore each other, like we did. to see how other men jack off and get off and what spots, styles all Helped me learn to build stamina by playing with toys and having a helping hand in new techniques and positions.
Helped me become on heck of a lover I do say :)

T said...

I remember when my Aunt found my grandparents toys. It was like show and tell except for some of the prudes in the family. Grandparents knew of the prudes and would leave them out where the prudes would need to look in that place. One of grandmothers easy ones was getting one of the prudes to get her bag from the closet; pull the bag out and the box for one of them falls out behind it. The target prude would scream or drop the bag.

You can learn a lot from your grandparents. With friends and family now the toy stuff is more like show and tell.

whkattk said...

@ Anon (9:33PM) - That's the kind of straight guy experience more men need to discover. I've said it before - probably will again, and again, and again - guys can learn an awful lot by jacking off together, and lending a hand is nothing to be ashamed of, either. Thanks for leaving the comment!

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Got my taxes done as well (finally). Glad it's over - but, still happy to pay if it keeps this country in shape. We'll be needing a lot of extra help to heal it once this administration is finished royally screwing it. Hugs et bisous!

Gabriel said...

I have a couple of friends who I could joke about finding a sex toy that was left out in the open, but I would ignore it in most cases. A person should never be embarrassed regarding something about sex because it is part of who we all are. A sex toy is not going to hurt anyone and is a private matter.

And to the one who commented on finding his roommate's Flesh Light, all I have to say is that I would like a roommate like that! LOL!