Friday, March 3, 2017

It's All About Staying Power

Here's an interesting comment from a few weeks ago:

"I've followed the blog for a long while. Wish there would've been information like this when I was a young bride. I found my husband in the bathroom masturbating on our wedding night and I was totally devastated. I couldn't understand why he would do that when I was lying in bed waiting for him to make love to me. Even though he tried to explain he'd last longer with me if he jacked off first I cried and cried and ruined what should have been the happiest of my life. I'm sure he continued to do it but he sure did a good job of hiding it from me. We women are so stupid when we're young. I hope there are tons of young women reading this blog to learn things they should know before they get into a long term relationship with a man. It would save them a lot of heartache. - Maggie"

The fact that women are surprised to find out their husbands still jack off amazes me. But, the explanation of why he was pounding one out before joining her in bed is a very legitimate one. It's all about staying power; overcoming premature ejaculation. Particularly when we are young, very horny, and inexperienced. The sensation of that first plunge is overwhelming. We don't have the stamina to hold off the ejaculation; we haven't learned how to control it.
Stroking one out before engaging in sex really does help us last longer because it takes longer to build up to a second level of sexual tension to cum.

There are other tricks we can utilize as well. If only someone would instruct us on what to do. (Dads are you listening?)

It's not only the sensations in the cock that work to bring us to ejaculation. The prostate is called the Male G-spot for a reason. When we thrust - whether it's penetrative sex or frottage - we have a tendency to squeeze our butt cheeks. We pull out (or back) and the muscles relax. Thrust and tense, back out and relax. This rhythmic action squeezes and massages the prostate, increasing the level of arousal.


Practice not tensing-up the butt when you jack off. Lube your cock well. Then instead of stroking with your hand, slide your cock in and out of the closed fist.



For the best results, stand at a crotch-level counter or use a stool - use something that will keep your hand in place while you thrust.


If you have any type of masturbation sleeve, such as a Fleshjack, use it in the same way. Make a conscious effort to not squeeze against the prostate. With practice you'll learn to control when you cum.


There are other things you can do to learn how to stave off ejaculation, but we'll cover them next week. 'Til then, have a great weekend practicing.
And, all you young ladies out there should encourage it - it's for your benefit as well as his.


Xersex said...

very interesting!!!

Anonymous said...

Uh, Dad...I think its time for another talk.

Patrick said...

Great as always! Thanks for your visits and comments! Have a great weekend! Storms and heavy rain here!

A French Patrick said...

Your reader does not explain why she started crying. Was it out of jealousy? Was she jealous when he was caressing all his body to coat it with soap when he was taking a shower? The jealousy does not fix anything, it is always destructive. And if there were something which can justify the jealousy, it would be feelings, never when it comes to acts.

Chris masturbates, uses dildos, he is hitting on the first guy that comes along on social networks to get his ass fucked, and I am not jealous. It is not a problem, I love him and as for me when we are in love of somebody it is all about what we can do for him, not about what he can do for us.

Have a great weekend, Jean and Pat. Hugs and bisous.

mistress maddie said...

That first gif is many times how I jack off when I'm alone. I love the sensations it gives. And thanks for that last gif.....that is one beautiful cock and shot!!! Here's to a good weekend to all!

T said...

If your wearing protection put a little bit of moisturizer that has menthol as an ingredient on the head and it will desensitize your head for a little bit. It might give you a couple minutes or an extra 30 but it does work. Key ingredient being menthol; in lotions its used to numb the area its applied to and to reduce the burning sensation from related symptoms (itchy, sunburn, irritated skin etc).

If you're going to be putting anything on your dick make sure its natural and doesnt contain sugar or alcohol. Sugar doesnt get along well with your genitals (both men and women) and alcohol dries your skin out.

I still beleive when a guy hits puberty give him a fleshlight. Practice on that before trying it on someone else. Girls get all info about whats going to happen to them every month (most likely their mothers/sisters/friends will even buy them the pads and stuff) and what do guys get? Either absolutely nothing or ridiculed for having a dick that functions. Girls wonder why the first time is a disaster that is why; most guys get told nothing.

If your a girl and your in a relationship with a guy and you know its not that good and you dont know how to bring it up; get him a flesh light. They got ones designed to teach a guy how to have more control. Make use of them. He might be shitty that you gave him one but you can bet the moment your back is turned he will have his dick buried in it.

Guys know that girls have toys so there should be no difference when its the other way around. Unless you walk in on your guy with your toys then you got yourself a whole other situation that you may or may not be prepared for.

whkattk said...

@ T - I had no idea that the Fleshjack had a model specifically to teach men how to control their ejaculations. I really must look into that so I can inform my younger readers.

I also never thought about suggesting that a woman buy her guy a sex toy. Yep. We know women have vibrators...and it should stand to reason that guys have theirs. And, yes, should she make a gift of one, she can be guaranteed he'll have his cock buried in it at the first opportunity.

Couples should dare to lie side by side and use the toys together. What an education!

Anonymous said...

Son, I'm ready. You and your brother can ask whatever you want, you know that. - Dad

Anonymous said...

To French Patrick, No it wasn't jealousy. To be jealous of my husband's hand would be silly, really. It was more a feeling of being left out. How great it would've been for me to have given him that pleasure. I would've eagerly helped him to that first ejaculation if that's what he needed. Maybe Jean can explain it better than me. - Maggie

Brad said...

Thank you very much for this one and previous posts I learn from everyone

A French Patrick said...

@ Maggie.
That was only a question, a likely hypothesis. You know, at certain women (or men) the jealousy can reach incredible summits. For example, I knew one woman who, every time her husband came back from the office, required that he gets out his sex to verify if he had not made love to another woman. This, of course, after having phoned him every five minutes during all his working day to verify if he was not elsewhere.

Now, I understand better and in what concerns you, it is better. Let us say that it was disproportionate. That lasted how long? Five minutes? His shower probably lasted longer, but then you didn't felt left out, right? But the fact that he was touching his sex for another reason than to piss or wash it caused an excessive and irrational reflex, without other reason than because it was an act concerning his sex. The one belonging to you, right? It would have been great for you to have given him that pleasure? Well, why didn't you just say it? It was probably enough to tell it to him so that he do not need to go on doing it by hiding it from you. He deprived you of the sharing of a moment of intimacy with him? You, you made impossible for both of you all the other communions in such moments.
Best regards.

Gabriel said...

Very enlightening. I understand why the guy would masterbate before lovemaking on his honeymoon. The excitement would be over quickly.