Monday, March 27, 2017

Too Complicated

I don't know if any of you have been watching the limited series Big Little Lies on HBO. Last night's episode found Celeste (Nicole Kidman) finally fighting back when her husband Perry (Alexander Skarsgaard) abuses her. She gives him a good swift smack to his boner with some object I couldn't quite see clearly.
The result, of course, was him doubled in pain and grabbing his crotch. The diagnosis in the ER scene, as they released him, was announced as "a broken urethra." What they really meant was a "fractured Tunica," the fibrous sheath of the penis surrounding the Cavernosum, those spongy caverns that fill with blood and makes the cock stand up.
I know it was way too complicated for them to go into. But....


The most common cause is due to having someone ride your cock. They lift up a bit too far, and when they slam back down....
Morning wood actually occurs numerous times during the night.
A guy rolls over on it and.... You may not notice it. It may not wake you. But there might be spots of bruising along the shaft in the morning. However, if you're nude, it is free to move.
With the cracking of a boner, healing will typically result in a bent shaft due to the scar tissue.
If the bend is too severe, it will make penetrative activity impossible.
That can be corrected with surgery, but I'll spare you the gruesome photos. Your cock is not indestructible. You can break it, you can permanently damage it.
You need to be cautious with those boners, guys.






Xersex said...

thanks for your advices!

Patrick said...

Many thanks for your visit and comments! Visit to cardiologist went well: "Come back in 18 months, unless something happens"! Great post again. Never suffered a breakage!

A French Patrick said...

Thank you, my friend, for these "Big Little Truths."
We already have the title, we need only a scenario, a producer and actors.
Our dear Jean in the role of the spouse? I am voting in her favour. She would be much better than Nicole Kidman. And more careful, having read your post.
Have a wondrous day, my darlings Jean and Pat.

SickoRicko said...

Very informative.

mistress maddie said...

Just the thought of that makes me shudder....OUCH!

AOM said...

YIKES! Definitely something to be aware of. I want none of that. I hope you had a lovely weekend and are enjoying your day, bro. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Jean WM said...

Yep, bet the ER doctors have seen it all. We're not indestructible, we just don't realize it when we're young. Hugs, and bisous.

T said...

Yep that happened to the family friend/cousin. Girl was on top, lost her balance and fell backwards and snapped the dick. Permanently bent. He has shown us, when its soft you can hardly tell but once its hard its almost a 90degree curve.

Sex was a no for almost 3months. Wanking was out for a few weeks too and when he first came after the accident he said it hurt like hell. Eventually it functions as normal (he has a few kids now) but thing can double as a door handle now.

Important lesson he told us was if they are on top dont let go just in case.

Anonymous said...

There may be hope for a bent penis that doesn't involve surgery. My husband has severe Peyronie's and has a bend of almost 90 degrees. It doesn't hurt, but its definitely affecting his self esteem. We were at a restaurant not too long ago and in the men's room there was an advertisement for a new procedure called Gainswave. The ad targeted ED patients, but after some research on it, they also treat Peyronie's. It's a combination of pulse/shock treatments, similar to how they break up kidney or gall stones, followed by some injections of your own plasma to help rebuild the damaged tissue. He's been in contact with the doctor many times asking about success rates and the chance of the bend coming back. He's confident in the procedure now and is working on setting up his appointments.

This is so much more acceptable than what another urologist suggested to straighten things out, which involved cutting out a wedge shape portion on the underside of his penis and sewing it back together!

whkattk said...

@ Anon - That urologist was nuts! Cut out a wedge???? No!!! They simply need to rid the Tunica of the scar tissue, or "plaque" as it's sometimes referred to. Hadn't heard of this new procedure. I must look it up.

Gabriel said...

Treat your erection with tender loving hands! :-)