Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Any Assistance is Welcome

Boner issues can be caused by all manner of things; depression, low Testosterone, and a list of medications as long as your arm. Well, now, there are reports suggesting a distinct possibility that cholesterol-lowering statins should be on that list.

It's not a widely reported side effect, but the reason could be that men don't speak up. Though, evidently enough men complained to cause researchers to take a good gander at this. Why? A 2014 study found that statins reduce the production of Testosterone. And Low T is a known cause of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). 


A 2017 review of the original study, reported in the American Journal of Medicine, found the original testing to be inconclusive. The thinking is that, because statins don't remove plaque, clogged arteries to, and in, the cock could be the real problem of the onset of ED, and those results call for further study.




It's important to look at underlying issues which may be causing the problem. For instance, my Muscular Dystrophy causes ED; the Neurologist is fully aware of that, but low T makes things worse. My boners may never get back to where they once were,
but any assistance is welcome.


Xersex said...

(quite out of topic, I know)
I wish my T would go down, say I'm always thinking to sex is an understatement!

Patrick said...

Don't worry about it any more! Great images as always. Humidity 89% here at present!

mistress maddie said...

Boy......that first picture of that cock is a beauty!!!!!!!!

R Rad said...

Interesting hypothesis, but I have been on cholesterol lowering / managing statins most of my adult life, and only recently have I found myself with a lack of wood.

I am chalking it up more to environment (I sit on my ass all day), age (56) and weight (290lbs). One of these three are not within my control, but I've come to realize that if environment is stable and I wrangle my self to pay attention to diet and exercise, then erections do tend to magically appear! Much to my husbands delight.

I guess the ideal of "You mileage may vary" applies.

A French Patrick said...

I found what follows, and I translated it for you as well as I can, by hoping that that will interest you.

Harold Bornstein asserted in the New York Times that Donald Trump had not used the finasteride (which can cause a hormonal and mental disorder which leads to sexual impotence, and to psychological cognitive disorders) to cure a disease of the prostate but to fight against the baldness. He had also indicated that the rate of PSA of Trump was 0,15, which is low. American urologists had then considered that Trump had certainly received a treatment against the prostate cancer. The medicine used to fight against the diseases of the prostate indeed make the rate of PSA fall. He also announced that the president follows two other treatments. He indeed suffers from rosacea, a frequent and annoying dermatological disease, and takes statins to fight against the cholesterol.

Have a great day, my darlings Jean and Pat. Love, hugs and bisous.

SickoRicko said...

I took a statin for a short time. While it greatly reduced my cholesterol, I noticed also its effects on my libido. My doc was agreeable to trying fish oil instead, and it worked! My problem now is mostly a little depression.

Gabriel said...

You always have such great information and hot visuals too. I truly learn a lot reading your blog.

Fullmoonma said...

One data point: didn't notice a marked change in boners when I started statins several years ago - that happened 2 decades ago when I started blood pressure control medication! Bless those folks at the Cialis factory!