Friday, January 26, 2018

Listen To It

While we're on the subject of maladies... There are things which are always thought of as "women's ailments," that can also attack us guys. We're human, and the difference in occurrence of these things is due only to variations in genes, anatomy, and hormones. Here are just a few:

Osteoporosis. This reduces the density of bone. (No, not that one! LOL) But, by age 60 or 70, we begin to lose bone mass at about the same rate as women. The phrase "little old man" is a result of this disease. One excellent clue: Look at your own male relatives. Do yourself a favor. During your next Physical, ask your doctor to do a Density Scan. They're quick, they're painless.
Breast Cancer. This is a biggie, folks! Even some in the medical profession still are not aware of this. Insurance companies have been known to deny treatment coverage because they don't know men get breast cancer. But, the incidence of male breast cancer is on a fast track! Worse: Men typically don't survive as long after diagnosis because they aren't cognizant of symptoms. Look for unusual lumps or skin abnormalities in the chest area. Double down, guys - combine a self exam with the monthly ball check.

Eating disorders. Men fall prey to this, too. Lately, as men have been pressured to pay more attention to appearance, many go overboard. Men are also less likely to seek treatment.
Bladder infections. Another big one. Guys, it happens - not as often, but it does. Particularly in men who have enlarged prostate (all men as we age), and kidney stones. Be aware of the symptoms: Frequent urination; cloudy or bloody urine; burning or tingling when you piss; a strong urge to pee; low grade fever.
Depression. A thing we guys will simply deny. But, we fall prey to this much more than realized. Job loss, crumbling relationships, financial problems, and a host of other things. The bad thing is, men turn to drugs or alcohol, or engage in risky behavior to combat the emotions.

Get that yearly physical, 
and always pay attention to your body. It speaks to you.


Listen to it.


mistress maddie said...

I had a good friend who actually had breast cancer...and my other friends were shocked to learn that men could get breast cancer. Now most of us get our balls and pecs checked.

Have a great weekend to you!!!!

Xersex said...

thank you and happy weekend

Patrick said...

I'll be having a bone scan next Wednesday afternoon!!!! First attack of depression at 23! Under control with medication! Trust you have a great weekend! Great post as always. Very humid here! Most uncomfortable!

A French Patrick said...

Good informations. I listen to you, to them and to my body (which, fortunately, is not too much talkative up to now).
I wish you a wondrous weekend, my dear friens Jean and Pat. Love, hugs and bisous.

Jean WM said...

For bone loss, there is loss of height as you age. That little old man was probably taller at one time. We really do share a lot of maladies even simple things like nail fungus and irritable bowel‘s and all kinds of aches and pains like sciatica and back problems. We may be more alike than we are different. Hugs and bisous dear FrenchPatrick.

SickoRicko said...

Always good advice!

Gabriel said...

Loved the images that accompanied the helpful information. Especially the guy eating in the kitchen. Yum!

Mark Gaulding said...

Whkattk. Sorry I have been silent over the last few weeks. It is so nice to read your brilliant blog again. I love photos 1 and 3. Also the conversation. You really deliver the best product out here. Thank you for you continued support. Bravo.

The Treasure Trail hunter

whkattk said...

@ Mark - I fully understood...Medical issues, it takes time to recover. Glad to see you posting again - and happy to have you back here and commenting!