Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Sticky Situation

"It's a sticky situation. I don't produce any pre-cum at all. When I cum I get one tiny spurt of jizz out my dick. I feel the "pulses" and my cock will throb with each one, but nothing shoots out. I want to get it checked out but I live at home and I'm still on my parents insurance. It might be one thing if my father took care of all the bills but it's my mom who does it. I don't want her questioning me. What do you think is causing this? Do I need to see a doctor?"

Well, there are a couple of things which could be happening. Some guys just don't produce much semen. You could be one of them. But, it could also be Retrograde Ejaculation. You have all the sensations of cumming but the semen is firing backward into the bladder, instead of out the end of your cock. You might be able to check this one at home. You'll need a clear jar or bottle. Drink lots of water until your urine is clear. Then you'll masturbate to orgasm.
When you take that post-cum piss, use the bottle.
If this is simple retrograde ejaculation, the urine will be cloudy...that's your semen. It's not dangerous in any way but, at this time, there's nothing anyone can do to change it. The sphincter that closes off the pathway from the bladder is either not there, or not operating efficiently.
Two: You don't mention it, but if there is a small bulge, or swelling, in the lower abdomen - beside the base of your cock - right after you orgasm, there could be a blockage of the seminal ducts. The swelling can ache but will usually go away after a while as the body absorbs the semen. Again, you get all the sensations of an orgasm, but no true ejaculation. It's a long-shot but vibration therapy might be able to clear it. Or, micro-surgery could remove the blockage to fix this, but you need a very skilled surgeon.

If you want to sire offspring, your sperm would have to harvested. There are several methods, but your situation would most likely involve a procedure known as  Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (MESA).  There are other methods which you can read about here: How can sperm be retrieved


In a strict case of retrograde ejaculation, there is a centrifuge system of collecting sperm from urine. It involves jacking off
and then pissing into medical-type urinal large enough to capture everything.
Though painless it's difficult to separate the viable sperm from other cells and not very successful. If you determine you need to see a doctor, I suggest you create an opportunity to broach the subject with your father before seeing a doctor. 
That way, he can inform your mother in a way that won't have her questioning you.


Xersex said...

he MUST see a doctor!

Patrick said...

Poor guy! Feel sorry for him! Great information for him and as always great pictures! My first Sydney Symphony Orchestra Concert today at the Opera House. Some rain overnight.

Jean WM said...

Don’t underestimate your parents. Give them an opportunity to help you. They both have seen and heard it all, trust me. If you’re most comfortable with your father, tell him what’s going on and that possibly you should see a doctor. This is truly not a big deal and one last thing you’ve got to be concerned about and they can help you. And don’t be ashamed of what you may need. If you were a daughter it would be the very same.

I think young adults often don’t really understand how their parents will help. As young adults we just don’t know it yet, but one day when older you will. Hugs and bisous.

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome dude, the time you take to research and question and provide a rational response is incredible. Thanks for the work.

A French Patrick said...

All this is very well explained, and nevertheless very complicated, and vice versa. As for me, that would not very reassuring, if I were in the shoes of your reader. I wonder what is his age. It is regrettable that he cannot (or does not dare) speak about his problem to her mother. After all, it is her who "fabricated" him, and she is concerned in first and foremost priority by the necessary "putting in conformity" of her artwork. Things being what they are, the best for him is, indeed, to put his cock's fate in his father's hands, and I wish him all the best.
Love, hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.

SickoRicko said...

Wow, that's interesting.

sstax said...

How about the precum? My precum is very little occasionally just one or two drops. is there a way to have them more?

whkattk said...

@ sstax - Sadly, I have never found any useful information on increasing pre-cum. For some reason, some men's Cowper glands are quite tiny. I know those guys, like you, would love to find a solution.