Thursday, January 11, 2018

Without Guilt

I find it sad that anyone should feel guilty over doing something which is so utterly human and common. I fear, it's most likely, as one reader stated in yesterday's comments: this brother only feels guilty because his wife is now aware of it; that it's not guilt he is experiencing, it's embarrassment, it's shame.
Married, heterosexual men aren't supposed to be jacking off - they're supposed to be having intercourse with their spouses. If heterosexual men do it at all, they certainly aren't supposed to whack the willy with other guys. They're supposed to pretend they never masturbate at all. Ever.


It's like being ashamed you get boners.

Which is hogwash. A man should never be ashamed of getting an erection.
Solo sex - even when in the presence of other men - is extremely common.


Yes, even for self-identifying heterosexual guys.
Jack Off groups around the country are proof of that; they report that 25% of the guys are straight men who simply enjoy getting together with other males to engage in a very common activity. They report a strong sense of brotherhood.

Dude, I hope you shed those emotions. Go back to enjoying time with your brother when the mood strikes you - without guilt - particularly when your spouses are okay with it.


R Rad said...

I lived briefly in Westchester County in NY, and through the AOL Chat rooms (back in the day) hooked up with some straight guys only wanting to get together to JO. Watch straight / bi porn. No touching. It was odd. I needed more interaction and grew bored after a short while.

Patrick said...

Overcast and very humid morning here - if only it would rain! Another great post!

Xersex said...

#12 lot of testosterone here!!!

SickoRicko said...

It wasn't until learning from your blog, that I found out it was common for heterosexual men to jack off together.

A French Patrick said...

No, this brother cannot feel guilty "because his wife is now aware of it". His wife was quite aware of it on the start. Remember that it's his wife and his sister-in-law who wanted to see him and his brother in action.

The same ladies who, by learning their sexual games from the brothers' own mouths, have made NO REPROACH other than about the household chores that their husbands had not made.

Before we have to undergo an undesirable third episode from this insipid familial saga, I wish you a great day, my darlings Jean and Pat, with lots of hugs and bisous.

mistress maddie said...

Your right. When the Lad and I went to check out the Philadelphia Jacks last month, we had a great time. There was a great mix of ages and sexual orientations.... And no one cared if you were gay straight or bi. Everybody just like sharing the show of masturbating. Now some guys did like that we were so called boyfriends....but overall a nice atmosphere for liked minded. Anything extra had to happen after the get together and off premises. It's freeing to just do what comes natural.

Gabriel said...

I agree that it is a natural thing that we men who always enjoy. And I would think women would rather their men jack off that go and sleep around with another woman, even if they are jacking with other guys. I am gay, so I guess I may not be the best to comment on this topic. I guess my main thought is that guys should embrace their cocks!

Jean WM said...

A lot of guys just don’t have circumstances that have allowed them to grow and feel more comfortable trying new things. Just who you grew with, family or friends, can influence you greatly. In fact now that so many young adults can’t afford it, they live at home - it is amazing they even have a sex life. Joining the military would be a big jolt and but a great opportunity to learn about young men from every background. Pat has a lot of stories. Hugs and bisous.

that one guy said...

Maybe he just needs for it to be a secret. The wives don't seem to mind --- it looks like what's bothering him is the fact that they know about it. Maybe he and his brother can go back to pretending it doesn't happen. It's not truly a secret any more, since the wives know about it; but maybe it can be a sort of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" kind of thing. I can tell you from experience that that can be kind of hot :-)

Anonymous said...

Understand that there are shades of "straight" among jack off groups. For instance, I'm totally fine with taking a friend's dick in my hands and showing him a good time, or jerking both our dicks together, but I draw the line at entering each other.

If a guy just wants to whack to some straight open while I'm next to him, stroking away at my cock, that's fine too. The key is to find the intersection of your sexual interests.

whkattk said...

@ Anon - "shades of straight" - I like that phrase. It's a great way to state it....