Wednesday, January 10, 2018

One Brother Feels Guilty

You remember the brothers from a few weeks ago? Here's (a portion of) his interesting follow-up:
".... Over the New Year weekend our wives decided they wanted to see us in action. My brother was ok with it. He said he and his wife masturbate together but I've nevere done that in front of my wife. It freaked me out and I had trouble getting hard with the two of them sitting across the room. It's not like me and my brother do it all the time, only a few times a year like when we went fishing or something or our wives took off on a long shopping spree. My wife tells me it's fine with her. So why do I feel guilty just thinking about it?"

It's a common fantasy for men to want to see two women together. Why should it surprise you that your wife and SIL might enjoy seeing two men (even brothers) go at it?


Your brother and sister-in-law are doing something more couples should do. There are a lot of women who find watching guys go solo a huge turn-on.

Plus, masturbating with a spouse or partner can actually enhance your sex life.

Why do you feel guilty? Most likely, because it's a part of your life that you've always hidden from her, denied that you do it.

Your wife sounds pretty smart - chances are she has known all along that you jack off on a regular basis (you do, don't you?).

How do you get over the guilt of masturbating with your brother? I don't know.



Xersex said...

I'm an only child so I can't answer!

Patrick said...

Unfortunately my brother had left home and was married before I started to masturbate. Would watching some porn together help? He'd be sure to get and erection and they could take it from there! Or she could start to suck him and then let him do the rest as she watched. So pleased that you liked "Puck"! Heavy overcast here, but no forecast of rain, still very humid.

mistress maddie said...

I think it's something you can do or you xant. He may never be comfortable with it.

SickoRicko said...

I haven't a clue!

A French Patrick said...

When we propose something to somebody who accepts to do it while nothing obliges him to accept, when the above-mentioned somebody has a go at it with great goodwill, we wonder why he was the only one to feel lightly hampered in a first time, and in a second time to feel guilty of we don't know what, I know there must be something amiss here and I can only suggest him to manage his moods in private with himself instead of flaunting them all over the Web as a verbal exhibitionist who is in fact proud of what he shows through his words.
A case of exhibitionism or a fit of his delayed-action puritanism, the one is not better than the other one.
I wish you all kinds of happiness, my darlings Jean and Pat. Love, hugs and bisous.

Tex said...

Masturbating with a spouse or partner? Yes, no problem. Masturbating in front of my brothers spouse or partner? Nope. Way beyond my comfort zone.

I never jerked off with my brother though. I'm ten years older than him. Maybe that's why I can't imagine me in this scenario.

I'm looking forward to reading other comments on this.

Jean WM said...

Everybody can’t be into everything, Just like you can’t like everyone and you can’t please everyone. Sometimes it takes a little bit of courage to say, nope that’s not for me, or the circumstances aren’t right.

I think some of that Aussie heat has spread our way, we are having about a 50 degree change in the temps in just the last week.
Hugs and bisous dear french Patrick.

Anonymous said...

I think some of your readers didn't understand his issue. Why would he suddenly begin to feel guilty over an activity he's enjoyed with his brother for years? It's most likely because now his wife knows about it; he's embarrased when he shouldn't be, ashamed when he shouldn't be.

Anonymous said...

my brother and me jerk off together all the time and I hope we never stop doing that. i don't care how old we get or if were married. R

Anonymous said...

It could be the introduction of the in-laws. I mean, yeah, it's a minor detail, but some men will jerk off with a brother, because of course it's "just jerking off", but it's like Eden: Introduce a woman, there goes the innocence.

I had a lot of jerk off buds as a boy. We didn't think of it as a sex thing, even as we were describing in explicit detail what we'd do to the girls.