Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Naked and Boners

It's interesting to surf through the Stats to see how people log onto the blog. The most read post is "Naked Brothers Bonding." It's my supposition that these people are not only searching for photos, but to reinforce that it's okay for guys to be nude and hang out together. And, it doesn't have anything to do with sexual orientation or sexual activity.




The most used phrase for finding the blog seems to be "awkward boners." Of course, these are usually people who want to laugh about those spontaneous erections all men get. There's no reason for anything more than an appreciative smile. It would be so much better if they were looking because they want to know that they aren't the only ones it happens to.

Unless there is some physical issue, all men get hard-ons.
Completely out of the blue.
So many times a day.
Regardless of the time or situation.

Don't be embarrassed. Celebrate them.


Xersex said...

love your pics so much!

SickoRicko said...

Can't say that I get those much anymore.

Patrick said...

Great images as always! Hope the weather is treating you kindly!

Jean WM said...

This is a trick by mother nature, and other words Hope Springs Eternal, one of these might turn out useful. We might all owe our existence to errant erections. Hugs and bisous dear French Patrick.

mistress maddie said...

Boy oh boy...... what I wouldn't do to go down on guy 10 for sometime.......

A French Patrick said...

It's my supposition that these people have no need to reinforce that it's okay for guys to be nude and hang out together.
It's my supposition that it's already their deep belief, and that they just hope to see and to hear about what they do like.
And, I am quite sure that it has everything to do with sexual orientation or sexual activity as regards at least 99,99% of them.
But that is not a problem, there is nothing bad in both cases.
Love, hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.

Postscript: I want to thanks "Anonymous" for the information that he gives me on your post "failure to launch". It's horrible, and it should be incredible, but alas it is certainly true.
The laws cannot trample the Constitution, but the Constitution itself cannot trample the fundamental principles of the law.
One of these principles is that the freedom of a citizen stops where begins the freedom of another citizen.
It seems obvious, verging on the banal, but it is very important. For example, the freedom of a citizen to possess a weapon stops where begins the freedom of an other citizen of not to be killed.
And the Constitution has not the right of saying the contrary without trampling the universal fundamental principles.

that one guy said...

Whatever our orientation or level of uptightness, we all remember the days of uncontrollable boners and how embarrassing/hilarious they can be. A boner doesn't mean you want to have sex with whatever seems to be causing it, otherwise a huge percentage of 8th-grade boys would grow up with a major school bus fetish :-)

I don't quite remember where I read this --- I think it was here on Big Whack Attack:

"Boners are contagious, like yawning."

My elaboration on this is: it doesn't have to indicate sexual attraction. If you see someone else eating a delicious sandwich and it makes you want one too, it just means you want to do what he's doing, and you might as well do it sitting on the same sofa. It doesn't mean that you want him to take his sandwich and put it in your mouth.