Monday, February 19, 2018

Natural Inclination

Hiding the activity doesn't quite help anything, does it? Especially if it's too late. An auto insurance company commercial using stunted communication between a father and his son about sex has recently been playing on TV. I still wonder why this is so difficult.

But, I believe that if the conversation begins at the proper time, it wouldn't be so bad. Age-appropriate sex education should begin at an early enough age as to mitigate any uncomfortable feelings, and be an ongoing thing. Perhaps if started early enough, people wouldn't have such trouble with the hundreds of things that fall within the main topic.
"A typical day at my brother’s house. Unlike me, who still has a wife attached to my hip, he’s divorced with two grown boys. I have a boy of my own. Me and my son go visit my brother and nephews. As this picture shows, we always have a good time when it’s just us men. I’m the one taking the picture, my son’s the one making a peace sign, my nephews are sitting on each side of the bed and my brother’s the hairy beast in between them."
That was submitted to another blog I visit from time to time. The interesting thing is that these two men have been open and honest with their sons about sex and the natural inclination of guys to masturbate, the enjoyment and pleasure to be had. 




 There should be no reason for shame of enjoying oneself.
 It's also an opportunity to teach them how to control ejaculation.




Granted, I don't have kids, so I may not be the best judge here.
Thoughts? Comments?
For or against such a thing?


Xersex said...

in the abstract I would give you reason, but in practice, it may not be easy. I am an only child and I have no children. So even my judgment is very partial and, above all, limited.

SickoRicko said...

No kids here either (that I know of!), so can't think of anything.

Patrick said...

Just wish that I had had someone when I most needed it, but my father died when I was ten years old, and my brother had left home and married. I'd had those dreams!!! Then one night I was playing with my cock in the bath and it happened. I spurted cum all over the place. It felt wonderful and I became addicted!!!! If only I'd had someone to share it with!! Anxiety/depression bad at present, but the blog is going well!

A French Patrick said...

The two men "who have been open and honest with their sons about sex and the natural inclination of guys to masturbate, the enjoyment and pleasure to be had" prove nothing as all of them are undoubtedly professional porn actors who are paid for making what they are asked to make.
But, except this tiny detail, I share your ideas (for the most part) and I support them.
Have a great day, my darlings Jean and Pat. Love, hugs and bisous ad libitum.

Jean WM said...

French Patrick is saying what the world is saying about gun violence in the USA. We have a simple problem:

90% US citizens agree we need better gun control, and many feel assault rifles should not be sold to anyone but military and police.

The National Rifle Association makes big donations to senators and congressmen and to the president’s campaigns. 22 million to trump in the last campaign and roughly 3 to 4 million for each senator‘s campaign. John McCain has received 7.7 million from the NRA. If they don’t vote the way that the NRA wants them to vote, they will face another Republican candidate supported by the NRA in the primary. It’s that simple and that’s why nothing ever changes. Money buys loyalty.

I am hoping that Christopher and the young people at that high school start a wave in the US to shame Congress to do something.
Patrick could tell us some thing‘s about what Australia did.

Hugs and bisous.

mistress maddie said...

I do know it's more common for brothers to jack off together, but wonder what the statistic for father and son jacking off together? In these times I imagine that may be risky business.

Gabriel said...

I am the youngest in my family and I have several brothers. While we did not masterbate together or any other sexual activity, I did learn a lot as I was growing up just in their conversations. They talked about boners and jacking off so I did learn at a young age that all guys to it. I think that is a good thing for guys to know more about as they go through puberty.

Anonymous said...

One day my dad said i would be needing more privacy, so he would tell my mom and my sisters to knock before coming into my room. But i was already age 20 by then, and had been masturbating since age 11 !! Anyway, after that, when it was just us two guys at home, we would get naked and talk. Which led on (after i turned 21) to us both masturbating together many times over the years.

that one guy said...

In order for anything like this to happen in my house or my family*, my dad would have had to be a completely different kind of person. That would have been great in a lot of ways, but it's all water under the bridge now. He and my mom gave us a very scientific "Tab A into Slot B" lecture when I was about 9, complete with medical charts of the human body and a pointer, and that was the only time anything sexual was ever mentioned in our house. Masturbation --- neither the concept, nor even the word itself --- was never, ever spoken of.

*(or anywhere in my life, for that matter: I went away to summer camps and went to friends' houses after school like any other kid, but never masturbated with anybody else until college --- this, even though my older brother and I shared a room from the time we were babies until I went away to college!)

Looking back, I can see that I had some opportunities, but was either too naïve to get the hints, or too afraid to act on them.

I'm gay and have no kids, but if I had any I would definitely try to make sure they knew what I didn't know: everyone --- EVERYONE --- does it, sometimes people do it together, sometimes they do it for and it's not a big deal.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Patrick could probably tell us a great deal about the Aussie policy change. They wasted no time - took them 23 days to change the gun laws. No mass shootings since.

The students are getting the attention of the politicians because they are (or soon will be) voting age. Sadly, I believe, the political system will pay lip service. The change will start when these kids begin voting. Just like the 60s with Civil rights, early 70's with VietNam and the change in voting age, it is at the ballot box that changes begin.

Tex said...

A father should talk to his son about masturbation. He should offer advice and make it clear it's perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Going beyond discussing though puts the father in a precarious legal situation. There are laws against engaging in sex with minors and yes, masturbation counts as sex. So, dad's lesson to the son is that jerking off is natural and nothing to be ashamed of and should be enjoyed on your own and/or with buddies your age.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, our violent crime rate declined faster than Australia's after 1991. You can credit Nixon: Never had "get the lead out" been so literal.

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