Thursday, February 22, 2018

This Gun

The CNN Town Hall was an eye-opener. I'll give Rubio credit for showing up - he knew what he would face. On the other hand, his admission he would continue to accept money from the NRA will hopefully find him out of the Senate in his re-election campaign. When he said he accepts from anyone (NRA) "who supports his agenda," because it's his agenda not theirs, he's throwing out bullshit.
I'll give the same credit to Dana Loesch - even though it's her job, and she copped a superior attitude. She made a few good points about States reporting, etc. But the rest were platitudes and talking points.
Sheriff Scott Israel gave the best answer of all: Loesch and the approximately 5 million NRA members will not change their minds. Get out and vote for those who will support getting these "weapons of war" off our streets.

The worst, however, were the Florida state legislators who voted down a motion to bring gun control to the floor for debate in favor of foolishly discussing how to make pornography illegal. Evidently, for them, Second Amendment rights trump (sorry! we really must find a new word) First Amendment rights.

What exactly constitutes "pornography?" Some would say the photos I post here are porn.

Some would even say my words are pornography. But, personally, this is the only type of guy who needs weapons of war.
Not in the military?
Put this gun in your hand and shoot it.


Xersex said...

It will seem strange to you, but in Italy you need a special permit to have and keep your own weapons. Under eighteen years of age, for example, it is not possible. Our view is that it is the State that must defend its citizens. Defense and security are delegated to the State.

Patrick said...

We have fairly strict gun laws in Australia. I have an important meeting to attend - first for this year. Great post as always. Trust you have a relaxing weekend.

JiEL said...

I just totally agree on what you said in this nice post.

To me, seeing those «kids» with AR-15 or Karashnicof holding them in such a inoffensive way is more offensive to me than seeing a naked man or a kissing couple etc..

As a proud Canadian, I'm always and often now flabbergasted to see how many people and worse, kids, that are killed by mass destruction guns in USA.
What is today, in the 21st century, the need to have those deadly weapons in your hands?
I am a retired high school teacher and was teaching for 37 years in many high schools in the Province de Québec and NEVER I felt any danger to go at work.

I viewed the Washington gathering with the «45» and also the CNN town hall session and I must say that those students, teachers and parents are real heroes. The student that faced Rubio was such an intelligent one that he should consider going in politics.
I saw more wisdom in those teenagers that in the elected politicians, «45» included.

USA for many years now have a HUGE problem with that second amendement and your polarised bi-partisan politicians isn't doing good to solve, once and for all, the LIFE protection in USA.

When we see the amount of HUGE money coming to politicians from the NRA and from other financial companies, not surprising that those politicians have tied hands and are scared to speak freely.

USA's democracy is sick.

So much to say and do in your country but I have hope that those teenagers all over USA, who a future voters and well aware citizens, will make a HUGE difference and turn to make America Safe Again.

Thank my God, I live in Canada, not a perfect country but a much safer one.

Jean WM said...

Who really shined in the Town Hall were the students. And to think they were being accused of being actors who go from one shooting to another. LOL. They are rookies though, with the likes of the NRA rep, and wern’t as slick and rehearsed as Loesch. I was sorry there wern’t some really knowledgeable people who could debate the NRA rep better. I watched tonight on CNN international.

One of the students told Sen. Rubio his solutions were like one step in a 5K run. I have big hopes for the future with young people like this.
Hugs and bisous.

A French Patrick said...

Those who would say your words are pornography don't needs weapons of war. They need to be put back in the belly of their mothers so that they re-make them correctly, or else to get an admission ticket in an insane asylum.
Marco Rubio was the ONLY national Republican politician who agreed to answer questions from the students challenging the "orthodoxy" on gun control, and the fact that he was the only one is pathetic.
And alas his responses were pathetically weak bullshits.

Ban the weapons of war and you'll suppress all or nearly all the mass massacres of innocent American civilians, the youngest included.
Ban all the firearms, and you'll suppress a great deal of murders (50% less in Australia) and suicides (65% less in Australia)...
And you will suppress the weapons of war at the same time.

Never ask for the less when you have the RIGHT to ask for the more, and when it is a life and death issue.

Love, hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.

mistress maddie said...

Besides that...these guns are much for fun to play with and shoot!!!!!!

SickoRicko said...

Clever post.

T said...

Wasting government time to make porn illegal!? Good luck with that. A billion dollar industry and you think the government will say no to that? There are times I do wonder how the hell do people come up with that stuff.

Gun control is another one. The revenue it generates from taxes and licenses they are not going to say no to it. There will be that person in one of their camps that will sit down and work out the dollar value of keeping laws as is or changing to a ban. At the end of the day it will come down to numbers on a spreadsheet; preferably ones with a dollar sign in front of them.

You do have a business man in charge. Not a politician; a businessman. Dollars is on the mind; not the well being of your people.

Fullmoonma said...

Of course many of pictures you post do make my cock grow - and that's a pretty clear sign of pornography - bless you! Your intention with many of your words is to enhance erotic experiences through education and understanding - intended for consciousness as well as cock - and hence not merely pornographic. This makes your blog much more compelling!

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Someone on All In yesterday said it right: We should no longer waste our time attempting to argue with the NRA. We need to leave the completely out of the picture now. Head to the ballot box!

Robert Phillips said...

Hi, and thanks for your blog. I keep hearing all the politicians quoting the 2nd ammendment. But they always leave off the second part. The part where the citizens need the weapons to take over the government that has become corrupt. Maybe if they were reminded of this they might start thinking about gun control. It will never happen until someone kills a congressman or senator. I'm not advacating this. Just saying they might want to remember this.

Anonymous said...

I just find it interesting that no one is talking about the fact that these school shooters have all been neo-Nazis. This kid was obsessed with race. We've all seen "that one" in comments sections, of course, and a surprising number of then on sites geared towards the under-40 crowd: Reddit just started getting rid of its MRA content, 4chan still has its racists, and has its racists as well.

But, while the center has moved leftward, the racists remain. Exhibit A, France's last election. Had only people under 40 voted, it would've come down to Mélenchon and Le Pen.

Had the NRA any sort of political acumen, they would go for that angle and not the denial angle.