Friday, March 2, 2018

Any Guy, Any Age

There are so many causes of male impotence, ED. It can strike any guy, at any age. Thus, it's reason to celebrate every boner you get; you've got an entire weekend....











Enjoy! See you on Monday.


Patrick said...

Fantastic selection! Trust you have a restful weekend. I won't be joining in the parade. There has been a terrorist threat too! Very humid here this morning!

A French Patrick said...

I have a good news for you: I shall not ask you what means ED (as I found the answer among your tags).
May this (very little) gift help you to enjoy a wondrous weekend.
Love, hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean (alas, again far off) and Pat.

mistress maddie said...

If I lose power from storms this weekend, there will be lots of sleeping and jacking off.

Have a great weekend friend!!!!

SickoRicko said...

Excellent specimens! Have a great weekend!

Xersex said...

happy Sungay!

that one guy said...

The only times I've had "failure to perform" have been due to emotional or psychological reasons. The first time, I was 18 and had been dumped by my first boyfriend for not being attractive enough (which he basically told me in so many words). My sexual self-esteem was pretty much destroyed, of course; and a few months later, when someone else showed interest and we went back to my dorm room to get busy, I couldn't get hard. He did, though, and we spent a long evening naked in my bed. That brought my self-esteem back, and when he came back the following evening Mr. Friendly was back to normal. Happy ending, in several senses :)

The few other times it's happened, I've just been too tired, stressed, depressed (not clinically, just sad because of something going on) to be interested. But fortunately, nothing has gone wrong with the physiological components so far.