Tuesday, March 6, 2018


A day of rest sure helped. I feel almost human again.
This following was sent on Sunday. I apologize to the Reader for not answering sooner.

"We're in our late 20s and have been friends since high school. Last year we decided to start working out at the gym and got quite accustomed to seeing each other naked. That poured over into our occasional get togethers to watch a movie or a game first in our underwear then around the holidays it turned into naked lounging. I'm gay, he's as straight as the month of August has 31 days. That's the impression he puts out to the world.
Last night, instead of a regular movie, he taps his computer into my TV and suggests we maybe watch some porn. I was down with it. I mean why not? Long story, short: We both get hard in short order. We start jacking off. From reading your blog I understand there's nothing odd or wrong about that. He puts my hand on his dick. A couple minutes later he grabs mine. Then he leans over and starts sucking my dick! We ended up in bed frotting, sucking, and stroking.
He just left after spending the night. He kissed me goodbye - on the lips. WTF is going on???"










Well, obviously he's not as straight as you believed. But there's still nothing odd or wrong about that, either. Maybe you were his first male-male sex, maybe you weren't. But, he's trusted you. Your job, now, is to be that BFF and not betray that trust, not turn this into a big deal.

Your opinion, Readers?


Spear said...

Your friendship is really important to your friend. He wouldn't have had sex with you unless he trusted you implicitly and you trusted him as well. What you did should stay between you two and you two only. Enjoy each other for a very long time.

Xersex said...

you insipred a post I'll publish next FriGAY!!! so you'll see how much these kisses are normal!

Patrick said...

How lucky can you get! Just let it develop! Time will tell! Great post as always.

mistress maddie said...

I have a similar situation. I have a good friend who is straight and we have always jacked off together on occasion, and it doesn't bother him in the slightest that I'm gay. He is flattered that I want in his jeans all the time. Now that he lives in the complex, caddy corner to me, we see each other more often. While he never blew me, if we drink, he will let me blow him, and we have just slept together and grinded naked. He is defiantly straight, but he is very comfortable with sex. Sex is sex to him. But I admit a kiss would confuse me too. But in some countries guys go kiss when they greet each other or depart.

A French Patrick said...

"WTF is going on???" I believe that the answer is probably given by the two last letters of WTF.

But I do like your conclusion: "Your job, now, is to be that BFF" if, by BFF you mean Best Friend Forever, and a lot less if you mean Big Fat Fuck, as in the song of the Ween ( a band formed by Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo, better known by their respective stage names, Gene Ween and Dean Ween).

By sowing acronyms, we risk to reap the incomprehension or the ambiguity.

LHB (= Love, hugs and bisous) my darlings Jean and Pat.

Gabriel said...

The straight friend obviously feels comfortable with the gay friend and wanted to at least experience m2m sex. I agree that it should remain between the two of them. As long as emotions remain in check during this exploratory period, I think they should continue to share those intimate moments with each other. I think it might be hard for me to not allow emotions to take me to a place thinking it might be more than it is.

Jean WM said...

Sounds like both were comfortable in doing what they did. The writer is only having some second thoughts.

So the question is for his second thoughts, are they what he thinks he should be thinking? Or are they for how he really feels.

I know men have trouble hashing stuff like this out with each other. But it sure would solve a lot of second-guessing. He should talk to his friend. Hugs and bisous. I can’t wait to read what French Patrick says.

SickoRicko said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly.

T said...

Sex is sex. Its an activity. It is something you do. Nothing more; nothing less. No emotional attachment. Sex is not love. The two are not mutually exclusive. The other guy just wants some ass; doesnt care where it comes from. He dont want some chocolates or a date, he just wants sex thats it.

Lets be honest here; two guys and one is surprised the other knows their way around a dick. You both have the same parts.. In your mid 20's you know what works and what does nothing for you. How would he not know what to do with a dick? He may not be that good when it comes to dick but he will know what to do with it.

Sex is all it is. Nothing more, nothing less. He probably has some toys too. When your comfortable with your own self you dont care what others think. What they think is their problem not yours.

that one guy said...

Spot-on advice. Just be a good friend.

Anonymous said...

Agree that the trust MUST not be betrayed, and don't make a big deal of it. Be cool and it can happen many more times.

Fullmoonma said...

Examine your own desires - what sort of a relationship would you want - friend, friend with benefits, fuck buddy, romantic partner? If your desires are clear to you (and they may not be, and may evolve...) you're in a better position to talk as things play out.

Adam said...

It sounds like you're OK with this (or more than OK), but if not, you need to set clear boundaries so that it doesn't harm your friendship. If you're open to letting this continue or even develop, you could let him determine the next steps so he doesn't freak out or react out of fear. If he's cool with it, enjoy! I've had occasional play times with my buddy and it's been great.

Xersex said...

here the post I promised