Friday, March 23, 2018

Completely Innocent

Thank you all for the emails. It's been a tough week, and the weekend looks to be the same. The yo-yo weather patterns haven't helped, but there's been too much to do to lie around.

This landed in my email inbox:

"It's Thursday night, just past 7, and I just returned from an overnight business trip with a co-worker. Normally we share hotel rooms with 2 beds, but the place was booked and all they had was a single King. We were kind of stuck. We both sleep naked - no big deal and I thought sharing the bed would be the same. However I woke this morning with him wrapped around me and his monster dick hard and sandwiched against the small of my back. Morning wood aside, it was a little freaky to say the least. Now he claims that he sleeps at home with a body pillow and it wasn't intentional and that he must've moved naturally during the night in his sleep.
For the first time ever it was an awkward morning, and flight home. Now I have to face him at work and I'm still a little freaked out over the whole episode. How do I handle this?"

OK, first, you say you're used to traveling together, sharing a room, sleeping naked, and I'd be willing to bet you've seen each other's morning erections. You also know those boners have nothing to do with sex.

So, then, why are you so freaked out that, in having to share a bed, his touched you? You're reading too much into this. It's weird because you are making it weird.
If he explained spooning you at some point during the night was an unconscious thing during sleep, completely innocent, take him at his word.
After all, you didn't wake right when it happened, did you? No, you were sleeping soundly.


When you see him at the office, smile and greet him like every normal Friday. Forget about it and go about the day as you usually do. In a couple of weeks, it'll be something you can joke and laugh about over coffee during the next trip.
Have a good weekend, everyone.


SickoRicko said...

Glad you're back! I hope things settle down for you.

Xersex said...

he should pretend nothing happened, no doubt

Patrick said...

Wonderful post! Great to see you posting again! You handled that one perfectly! Thanks for your visit and comment.

Gabriel said...

Excellent advice given to the man on the business trip. I am sure they have seen each other naked before having shared rooms in the past. I dare say that the next time they share a room together on a business trip, they will be even more comfortable being nude with each other.

AOM SoulFood said...

Very good advice! I hope all gets better for you, bro, and that you are able to find some time to relax. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

T said...

Maybe grow up??

We have had a few friends who have done the exact same thing. One went very badly; he had his own situation happen and things went downhill from there. He was the one with the erection. Other friend walked in on him just as he was getting up out of bed. The guy became a real bitch over the next few months. Started treating people like crap then things with him went too far.

The other one was the loud one; brags about everything but the moment came when he saw another guys dick and it blew his mind. Screamed like a bitch with theatrics and all. We all thought he was being attacked or something so we all went to see. The loud one thought it would be funny to rip the sheets off the other guy that he was sharing room with to wake him up. Off went the sheets and bam! Pointing north was 9.5 inches of dick.

The friend had a reputation for having a massive dick so it was not like he didnt know. Its not just the length he has the width to go with it. Its a massive unit even when soft. We had seen it plenty of times but apparently the loud one thought it was a running joke within the group.

mistress maddie said...

First off, I'd been all over that monster dick!!!!!

But if the co worker isn't upset by it and has moved on...move on a say, this will pass. Unless the reader liked it and want to peruse it. Then maybe he bring up liking the situation to the co worker and see where things go like FWB'S

Elmsprite said...

Something to consider: during ordinary sleep we still maintain a certain awareness of outside events, and rouse at strange noises (or sudden lack of an otherwise constant background noise), changes in light levels, or unexpected movement. This movement can be as miniscule as an beetle landing on us. So if this man didn’t awaken when his friend wrapped himself around him suggests that his subconscious didn’t perceive the man or the embrace as an unknown, or a threat. I would encourage him to keep that in mind, whatever awkwardness he is feeling consciously. Deep down he feels completely safe with his friend, and that’s no small thing.

Adam said...

I'm not so sure it was innocent, but there's nothing to freak out over. If you're comfortable in other ways with this co-worker (and your past history sounds like you are), then you can relax knowing that he either has a very high comfort level with you, or his hormones got the best of him and he's curious about taking it further. Either way, it's a great compliment, I think. Don't avoid him at work. If you don't want to develop this relationship, be direct with him if there are further verbal or physical signs (unusual touching, etc) that he's open to more.

that one guy said...

In a couple of weeks, it'll be something you can joke and laugh about over coffee during the next trip. Great advice. Made me think of a variation on the old saying "tragedy + time = comedy":

"AWKWARDNESS + time = comedy."

You can make a decision not to be freaked out by this, just as you can make a decision not to be angry about a situation out of your control (e.g. the hotel only has a room with one king bed: throw a fit, or deal with it?). It may take a while, but that can be part of the comedy later: "wow man, it took me WEEKS to get over that! Now I'm kind of looking forward to our next trip, hahaha!"

Anonymous said...

When I had just graduated from high school I went on a mission trip with a pastor who had six kids. We stayed with some people who put us in their living room on a fold down couch. I woke up in the middle of the night with him spooning me. I was afraid to wake him because I thought it would embarrass him. With six kids I figured he probably slept like that with his wife. Thinking back on it I wished I had woken him up and later we could have joked about it. I don't think he ever knew but no harm done, just awkward.

R Rad said...

When I was much younger, I had a studio apartment in Boston. My drinking buddies from the sticks would come out, the four of us would take the T, get hammered throughout the course of the evening. They knew I was gay, I knew they were not, and we never pushed the boundaries, even when drunk. We would all pile back to my place and usually end up in a jumble, passed out on my bed, skivvies or nude. There were a few nights that either I would be woken up with someone politely pushing my cock into a different direction, or visa versa. Though I will say I still have very fond memories of occasionally taking a little longer time to readjust my bunk mates if I found a cock pressed against me. Nothing awkward; we'd just joke about it in the morning.

There there were also a few times that loads did get blown; but that is a story for another time.