Wednesday, March 14, 2018

As Often As You can

What's in a boner? A inflating amount of blood flow to the chambers in the shaft. What keeps a boner strong? Lots of different things.
What makes one deflate like a leaky balloon? Lots of different things.
Of course, age is a huge factor. Not only in the frequency of erections, but the rigidity and the length of time we can maintain them. Age works against us.
It can take longer to get hard. It can be more difficult to stay hard. Cum, and the cock will wilt as sure as pasta in boiling water. And, all of that can frustrate us, nag at us.

Men can fight those things, though. A good diet, exercise, and...drum roll, please...frequent sex. It is indeed true, the more you use it, the better. Exercise the cock, too. Kegels are a man's friend. Do them when the penis is at rest, do them when it's stiff as a board. Strengthen those pelvic muscles that lift the cock higher.

When we're young and horny we get those spontaneous erections. Raging hormones, then the rubbing of clothing.... Bam! Boner extraordinaire. As we age, the hormones level out, then decline. But, like ocean tides, the blood flow continues.

 If you are "a man of a certain age" prod them into full-blown boners as often as you can.


Xersex said...

having sex is great! I red a statement a few days ago:
the sex becomes enough whaen you feel it's too much!

mistress maddie said...

Boy......i could watch that beautiful cock all day bouncing from that open fly!!!!!

Patrick said...

Wonderful post! Great advice! Fantastic images! Yes! Enjoy it when and while you can!

Jean WM said...

Good advice for male and female. Use it or lose it, and do those Kegel's. And don’t smoke and read Pat’s Blog!! Hugs and bisous. .

A French Patrick said...

What's in a boner? An inflating amount of the desire of emptying our balls.

And for you, my darlings Jean and Pat, in my heart, an amount of love, hugs and bisous.

Gabriel said...

No matter our age, we should always be proud of our boners! It is awesome being a man!

taotrojan said...

All true what you say bro. Practice makes perfect. Keep playing, it,s fun and good for you. Great post.