Thursday, March 29, 2018

Assist Me

Lots of comments on yesterday's post, and only one request. French Patrick asks for a third time about the preparation for anal sex. Shame on me for not responding sooner.
And, before all you straight guys get all "yuck! who wants to see/hear about that!" allow me to remind you that plenty of men enjoy topping their wives and girlfriends. In addition to that, my dear fellows, there is a large contingent of you who like their wives and girlfriends to treat them with strap-ons, as well. 




Particularly as more and more of you discover the Male G-spot through masturbation.



With all of that said, I have no experience with it to speak of. Though my first wife liked anal, we made no preparations beforehand, and I'm not sure I really knew what to do. I just took my time in fully entering, using only pre-cum for lubrication.
So, I have asked French Patrick to assist me. I hope he is willing and able.


R Rad said...

Observations on anal...

Okay, I do love having my hole played with, especially if I am jerking off after my husband just blew his load. That said... I have only been topped a few times, and I do find it uncomfortable, the reason is not the pain, it the incredible sense of having gas building up. The more I would get fucked, the more I felt like I urgently had to fart (or worse).

I also found that I am most comfortable when I am aware my chute is clean. If I am in the mood to be topped, I usually do a light enema beforehand to clean out the lowest parts of my colon.

I have found the BEST way I have been able to really enjoy anal has been either in the ocean or in a pool, bent over a float with my partner working in from behind. The buoyancy was really key to both of use getting into a comfortable position. A little prelube before diving in usually is enough to get things started.

Now on TOPPING, either spit or a little light lube, depending if my husband just showered or has a bit of an aged funk going on...

Hope that helps.

SickoRicko said...

I worked with a guy who liked his wife to "peg" him, as he called it. I found that an interesting term.

Patrick said...

You will probably get plenty of responses to that one. If you are getting "fucked" one important thing is to make sure that you are clean!!!! It is very unpleasant to pull out and find that you have "you-know-what" all over you cock! It does happen! Visits still up! Have a happy Easter whatever way you celebrate it!

A French Patrick said...

My starting point has been the fact that I found this written, by a 14 years old boy, seven years ago:
Life has been crazy... well actually that's an understatement I went from being a love sick high schooler that wanted nothing more than to have someone to love - to a de-flowered sex addict - to trying to focus on what I actually wanna do in life. On the matter of sex. If you are reading this and you are stressing that you haven't lost your virginity yet, and your getting older day by day, and it seems like everyone around you has lost their's already... just forget about it. I lost my virginity in a park, around 10:00pm, to my best friend. It was awkward sex, more painful than enjoyable. To be honest I wish that I had waited to have sex, because it would have been so much more special experiencing my first time with someone I deeply cared about, someone who deeply cared about me, and someone that I could hold, love, and more importantly cherish.

I give you some links, but you can find much more with Google with the good keywords.

I wish you a great day, my darlings Jean and Pat.

mistress maddie said...

All I can offer up is, if I'm getting anal, then I need to get good and turned on first with lots of oral and getting, huh, eaten out in the back....then I'm usually good with lube.

The Lad on the other hand is more used to getting fucked, so I can generally lube up and just start anal on him. He will admit he is a insatiable bottom.

And there is no feeling when a guy hits that g spot while I stroke off at the same time. YIKES!!!!!!

Jean WM said...

Dear French Patrick, you have our full attention. I admit I am clueless.hugs and bisous.

T said...

The straight ones could learn a thing or two from taking something in their bum when it comes to the next time with a vagina; going at it like a jack hammer may do great things for you but can be very painful for the person on the receiving end. Both vagina and bum are not your toys; you have to be careful with them. Still want to go at it like a jack hammer then get yourself a Fleshlight or Tenga unit and you can pound that into oblivion.

The a hole is extremely tight and it can easily tear. A hole does not lubricate itself like a vagina does. You will need lube preferably one without alcohol and sugar.

Then there is the poo.. It can happen. If an anal desensitize was used and your already well into it the person will have very little warning that a poop is coming. The a hole is relaxed and the gates are loose; thats how it can happen. The person who is in the bum will feel the poo before the other person will. Safe time is a few hours after you have already had a poo. The a hole's job is to push whatever is in there out.

When you first have something go in; breathe out. Dont hold your breathe as it goes in. It makes it much easier and relaxes the a hole abit. Slow in, slow out.

Fullmoonma said...

1. It really helps if the bottom wants it. Play with fingers and dildos (start with finger size) over time helps to build desire.

2. Internal cleansing is important. I keep an empty fleet enema in the bath and fill it with warm water and ease in about half of the bottle and drain rectum several times until all solids are gone. Use lube or water on nozzle to ease insertion. In done immediately before sex, this also relaxes sphincters.

3. Relax the sphincters before inserting a cock. The inner sphincter is used to relaxing, but the exterior one has to be taught over time (#1 above).

4. Use lots of lube. Oils aren't compatible with latex condoms. Silicones aren't as nice is my opinion as water based. Water base lubes need to be refreshed every few minutes. Squirt bottles are best because they can be used one handed.

5. Go slow and pay attention to comfort. Sometimes sphincters don't want to relax, and it is best to honor this by switching to other activities or backing off for a while. Usually the first real insertion that does the final stretching is uncomfortable with a large cock, but my sphincters do get the message and do relax and the next insertion maybe 10 seconds later is better.

6. Cock thickness is an important factor. 3.5" circumference is ideal for me, 5.5" takes a lot more preparation. Anything larger requires a long time and a very skilled and patient top.

7. Spend a long time inside. It takes 15 minutes before I get the delicious totally-fucked-into-submission feelings.

8. This is a natural activity. It can't be accidental that penises fit so well and that the activity creates much pleasure and a feeling of bonding between bottom and top. My own theory is that this is evolution helping adolescent males to bond. Should also work the same way with strap-ons, although be aware that cocks are more resilient than silicone requiring greater awareness of the bottom's reactions.

Fullmoonma said...


Daisy chain fucking captures the imagination, but is very difficult to accomplish, especially standing. Using a double headed dildo so both partners get to experience penetration is also challenging - Ive never really got the motion right. I'm not sure I've ever tried it in a "69" position using 2 dildos, but suspect that is a better approach. Geting two guys to fuck each other simultaneously might be accomplished with long cocks that aren't too stiff - my only real attempt was hilariously unsuccessful - what fun!

whkattk said...

Thank you to everyone!