Thursday, March 15, 2018

It's True

To paraphrase Megan Trainor: It's all about the balls, about the balls, about the balls...
Yes, my friends, it's that time of the month again.
Buddy Ball Check Day
A week after the Feb Ball Check, I read an obituary for a 25-year old guy in our city. His Testicular Cancer was discovered at age 23, as "an abnormality," during his physical to join the Coast Guard. The family put it into his public death notice for a reason. He hadn't experienced any pain in his balls at all.
Don't let it happen! Don't wait until there is pain involved. Sometimes there is no pain.
Imagine if a friend or relative had called him two years ago and said, "Hey, Bro. Check your balls!"
Check yours, then remind every male you can. When I suggest that you contact the men in your life to remind them to do that ball check, that you could save a life, it's true.
He would've lost a nut, but he'd most likely still be alive.
Now, haul yours out
 and get busy.






A French Patrick said...

Once, one of my followers wrote:
"J’aime les testicules. Symbole de fragilité et de puissance tout à la fois. C’est doux dans la bouche, ça chatouille la langue, c’est plein de recoins, ça remue, c’est vivant!"

I translated this declaration of his love for the balls:
"I like the testicles. Symbol of fragility and of power quite at the same time. It is soft in the mouth, it tickles the tongue, it is full of hidden recesses, it wiggles, it is alive!"

So many very good reasons too for checking them, right?

And I have even more good reasons to send you my bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.

Patrick said...

Yes! Keep reminding us! Will email you later! Not good news!

Xersex said...

love hanging balls!

JiEL said...

Your concern for that type of cancer is louable but there are few informations that your followers must really know.

First testicule cancer is more susceptible to happen between the age of 14 to 29yo. This slice of age is the most at risk according to many researches on the subject.

At 30yo, it's the peak of the danger and this is significantly diminish while aging till 60yo.

To read here.

Anonymous said...

mistress maddie said...

I always check my balls. Know your junk I say.

Gabriel said...

Always an important reminder. So sad about that young man.

Jean WM said...

Keep up the good work ;-). Hugs and bisous dear French Patrick.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping me remind my sons to do this each month. - Dad

Anonymous said...

It’s great you remind peeps to do a ball check every month.

But, maybe you may want to share “what to check for”.

Not every man knows what to look for; or should we say

“what to check for”.

Thanks for sharing via your blog. It’s a service every

Male should be reading daily.


SickoRicko said...

Sad about the young man.

Anonymous said...

Like Bob, it is helpful to remind guys what to look for. I tried to send you a video made by a group in Canada. Hope you got the URL. Maybe you are saving it for April? kenn