Wednesday, March 28, 2018

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Every so often I do a scan of the Stats for the blog. It's always been interesting to see how people find it; what they search for that has them landing here. Well, it appears the name alone is getting to be the sole input to a Google search. Huh, pretty wild. I'm sure the numbers don't match those of Dan Savage, but it's still pretty amazing to me.

I hope they're getting the information they're after. In the 7+ years I've been posting, though the main focus is on the male apparatus, the range of topics has been quite broad. I can't think of a single issue I haven't covered.

If there's something you think I should post about, or revisit,

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SickoRicko said...

Congratulations and many more years of blogging to you!

Xersex said...

no suggestions, only Happy Easter!

sew-he knits too said...

Have you ever talked about genital/penis tattoos?

JiEL said...

Your posts on «man» cancer issues is quite interesting but sometime I find it more scary than it should be.

I have a close friend with prostate issues and he is cured and controlled by his doctors. He and I are 67yo.

What I had as a illness was a small (0,5 inches: 1 cm) cancer tumor in my colon located at 15cm from my anus.
This was found last July 2017 and I was quickly into surgery by laparoscopy. My surgeon removed the tumor with 6 inches of my colon.
Now I'm easily recovering and I didn't even need radio therapy or chimio therapy.

My point is that we, men, are not only susceptible to have prostate or testicule cancer but that the colon cancer is quite a big issue for older men as well as young ones.

The husband of one of my cousins is struggling with Parkinson for years. He was diagnose when he was only 47yo. NOW he's in his late 50s and nothing is getting better for him.

Other health issues for us are all about heart illness and colesterol. Our way of living, stress and bad eating habits can be deadly to us. Not to mention ACV that can result of those bad habits making our blood system really dangerous.

To add to all of what I said here, I have erection issues but this is a consequence of my diabetes I was diagnosed in October 2016.
This is one of the effects of having sugar control issues.
Soar feet, vision issues (I had and triggered my finding of it) less sensitive fingers, always need to drink and lost of weight are some signs that you might have diabetes type 2.

So many to be aware of to be in good health.

Prevention is always a good way to stop illness to get to you.

Live Long and Prosper.

Patrick said...

Another great post! Yes! I'm sure that you have covered every aspect of caring for our "equipment"! I've a busy few days ahead! Saw my GP yesterday. Change of medication seems to be working. Kidneys responding well! Visits to my blog up again! Can't explain.

mistress maddie said...

The way I see it, is if a blog makes one person's day, or helps one is worth it.

A French Patrick said...

As for me I can easily think of an issue you haven't covered. All the more than I asked for it at least twice, if not three times since years. You have never refused, on the contrary, and I even sent you documentations by e-mail to help you. The question was: "What a young virgin guy who wants to be fucked needs and must know and what he has to do for having a first time as few painful as possible, for making it be a good memory and not a torture session that could traumatized him and which could make his first time be his last time."
Sorry if I displeased you, but it's not my fault if the truth is the truth, and a friend owes the truth to his friends.

That does not prevent me from wishing you a great day, my dear Pat, as well as to our adorable Jean.
Love, hugs and bisous, my darlings.

Gabriel said...

I think you do an excellent job of celebrating being a man. I cannot think of a particular topic that I would like you to discuss, but I will definitely suggest a topic if/when I think of one. Maybe one of my questions each week on my blog with spark something to extend the discussion to your blog.

Congratulations on over seven years of great advice, interesting discussions and those hot naked men!

whkattk said...

@ sew-he-knits - Yep, I've covered that. Along with beading and piercing.

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Mon ami, I will do one about that if you will assist me; I have no experience in that. And I don't trust much of what I find on the internet - I find no medical sites which help to explain what/what not to do. It is a good topic because there are plenty of straight men who top their wives, and plenty of straight men who like the "pegging."

whkattk said...

@ Gabriel - right you are...