Thursday, April 12, 2018

He's Suing the Gym

According to a recent article in the New York Post a single dad is suing the premier NYC gym, Equinox, after the steam dissipated enough to see across the room and he witnessed three men opposite him jacking off. He claims he thought, "No escape, I'm going to be sexually assaulted."

Seriously? Did they approach him? He doesn't say they did. Did he leave immediately? He didn't say. He does say he informed the front desk, and they didn't do anything. Granted, they should have, at the very least, gone back and stopped the circle jerk. He claims in the suit, "Equinox has known for at least 10 years that similar wrongful acts were occurring in its steam showers."


It's really not much of a secret. As the manager of Equinox, states, "It is a problem, and it's something that every gym in New York city, not just Equinox, has an issue with."


If you're a guy and you've spent any time at all in a gym locker room, sauna, showers, or steam room chances are you've seen someone jacking off. If it's a gay bath house (are they even labeled as such anymore?) it's out in the open; sex of all kinds can be out in the open.

However, in your basic neighborhood gym, the odds are around 90% the dude, or dudes, stroking their cocks are straight guys, and the chances they'll sexually assault anyone are probably around .00001%. And they are usually discreet about any activity, always keeping a watch on the door.


Your straight guy, stroking his cock in the steam room or sauna is usually hoping for a hand job or blow job.

Have you ever witnessed guys jacking off at your local gym?
Did you report the activity?
Would you sue the gym?


Frank in Austin said...

Yes, I've seen many JO an more. No, I didn't report it. Would be stupid to report it. I always enjoyed it and often joined in. What's the big deal? Maybe this guy was offended that no one actually played with him.

Xersex said...

I don't practise gym so I can't tell anything. But I was told that something can happen in the steam room of gyms! And some people go for having an helping hand (or mouth ..) or to see ...

Patrick said...

Well! It happens! If it's consensual then there is no "crime"! I'm off for a cortisone injection into my left hip this morning! It's worked in the past hope it will this time!

mistress maddie said...

It wouldn't bother me in the slightest. But this nudity thing and seeing guys with boners and the such......really!!! It's 2018. If you ask me we will all be made to wear head to toe burka's before the conservatives are done.

Jean WM said...

The answer to your questions would be, no, no and no. Have a great weekend. Hugs and bisous.

P.s. I will look for good Christian Amanpore series. I see it advertised.

T said...

Yep! My old trainer got asked to leave the gym over complaints about his nudity within the male change-rooms and other activities. For a while we didnt know why but the trainer's wife told us how it all panned out. One of the guys he was training went through some issues at home (his younger brother came out) and he took it out on everyone. If you were naked in front of another guy you were instantly gay. Over time the gym eventually banned that guy as his behavior got worse to other people.

Trainer had no problems with being naked and there were a few times where he would drop shorts before being completely in the change-room. The most people would see at that point was his ass. Once in the change-rooms he would be naked until he was ready to go. Conversations and all completely nude. Few hard-ons here and there and the occasional wank in the shower but never finish but nothing that was forced.

He left, took some of the people he was training with him and set up his own gym on his property. If you wanted to go nude you could as he would be naked by the end of it anyway. Hard-ons happened and no one cared. Only rule was you couldnt jerk off until training had finished. He had a wife too and they both were open with nudity and everything else. The wife was a trainer too. Males and females would never be there at the same time.

Many reasons why it can happen. All it takes is one person to get the ball rolling.

R Rad said...

The old Bally's in East Providence was notorious for circle jerks in the steam room (I witnessed many).

But my question on the complainer... how would he know it was going on over 10 years...? "Oh my oh my! Every TI-YUM I goes into that thar sauna, them boys are ALWAYS having at it! Watched that goin' on for 10 YEARS now!" Au-hum... right.

R Rad said...

Oh heck, yes! Bally's in East Providence was notorious both in the steam room and the back shower bay! Witnessed a LOT of guys jerking off, solo in in groups!

But my question goes back to the man posing the complaint... he knows it's been going on for over 10 years? Really? What? Was he a wall flower who just never blossomed?

Anonymous said...

Bally's, oh how I missed them.. No more Bally's in the DC area. All changed to LA Fitness. But there used to be a Bally's on L street DC near K street and it was notorious for everything in the showers from circle jerks, blow jobs to out right screwing. I remember walking in and the showers were full and all peeping out watching a sex scene. But, they stopped when I walked No, I'm no troll, police or a nerd. Most assumed I was straight I believed but I was gonna watch.. A hell of a pickup spot back then. Most on the east coast knew of the DC bally's on L street. Guys would come from NYC, Philly Balt... But the trainers and management did have a problem with it, it didn't stop though...

Anonymous said...

I like the idea. I think it is okay and should be acceptable. It's something I wish I actually saw. I don't think I would have a problem with it.