Friday, April 20, 2018

It doesn't Really Matter

Do straight men enjoy gay porn? Of course! And, according to an article in Pink News sent by Faithful Reader Henrique, it's surprisingly popular. They cite a study done by YouPorn, asking self-identified heterosexuals if they watched same-sex porn. The results? 23% of heterosexual men watch male-male porn compared to 39% of women who watch female-female.
As you can see, the same study discovered that 24% of self-identifying straight men have sex with men, as opposed to 36% of women who have sex with women. And, the level of 74% of men reveal a higher level of enjoyment watching other men masturbate then they do watching women.

But Pink News wanted to know why straight men enjoy watching gay sex. So they turned to sex expert Alix Fox. Her response is pretty fascinating, but kind of expected, too.

1. Rebelling against gender stereotypes
Straight guys, it's perfectly reasonable: Some gay guys like watching straight porn.
2. Straight men watch gay porn to see what other male bodies look like
We sneak peeks at the urinals, we take glances in the showers and locker rooms. It's natural to want to know what everyone else looks like. “Gay porn offers a convenient, discreet way to look at what other people are packing,” Alix Fox explained. “Plenty of men find it compelling – and perhaps reassuring – to be able to privately take their time examining a variety of other dudes’ body types and genitalia too."

3. Some straight-identifying men are actually gay or curious
“Some men might legitimately fall into such camps as ‘Straight, but also gets off on watching two bears barebacking’, or ‘Inclined towards making love with ladies, but perhaps wouldn’t say no to a BJ from a bloke.’
“For a proportion, yes: watching gay porn could indicate a repressed or hitherto unexplored part of their sexual identity”.
“But you know what would be good for all those men, though, in all those circumstances? Continued work to remove the unwarranted shame and stigma that sadly still surrounds gay, bisexual, curious and queer identities and interests.
“Whatever a straight-identifying man feels when he watches gay material, he should not feel ashamed.”

It's never easy, I guess, to admit to if you're seriously concerned about image; afraid of what others will think. But, more and more people are beginning to admit to being quite flexible in their sexual tastes when it comes to same-gender activity.

Perhaps they're embracing this flexible nature because sex is a pleasurable activity and the person (or body) providing it doesn't really matter.


Xersex said...

very interesting!

SickoRicko said...

Very interesting.

Patrick said...

Trust your conference is going well! Great post as always! Miss your visit and comments!

Gabriel said...

With porn so accessible now, I can imagine that more straight men and checking out gay porn. It can be in the privacy of your home or office rather than going to a bookstore or gay theater. Plus people are much more open about same sex relationships so there is probably more curiosity.

that one guy said...

To build on Gabriel's comment (along with others'):

With porn so accessible --- all different kinds --- you don't have to make a commitment if you just want to satisfy your idle curiosity. Used to be, you'd have to go to an adult bookstore (for real porn, I mean, not just Playgirl), go to the gay section, select a magazine or video, and purchase it... all the while having to worry if someone you know would see you. Then you'd have to take it home and find a place to hide it. Now all you have to do is clear your browser history!

Also the stigma has decreased, so a guy can admit to having looked at gay porn "just to see" without it meaning that he's interested in re-enacting it in real life. (See previous paragraph about commitment: all he had to do was click his mouse a few times --- no special trip to the dirty bookstore necessary.)

Also, with education --- and acknowledging that everyone already knows this --- just because something gives you a boner doesn't necessarily mean that you are truly sexually attracted to it. If that was the case, every boy in the western world would develop a serious school bus fetish in 8th grade!

Anonymous said...

Also, many of these guys are really just into jerking off with other guys. Consider homosexuality to be a spectrum, not just Kinsey, but what is 1s and 2s are willing to do:

Masturbating together
Getting a hand job
Mutual masturbation
Receiving a hand job
Getting a blowjob
After this, different standards apply. I can see men eschewing anal sex while giving blowjobs, I can see men topping another guy while refusing to suck dick.

I deliberately excluded fetish activities (S&M, piss play, that sort of thing) because those are fringe, and psychologists think fetishes come from the associative nature of human memory.