Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Ball Massage Benefits

A request from TH to do a post on the benefits of Testicular Massage resulted in a ton of information. Beyond the sexual pleasure derived from the task, according to the website Menlify, the health benefits are many. [Note: The site appears to be largely dedicated to penis and testicle enlargement, something I don't particularly subscribe to.]

  • Improves blood circulation to the testicles and scrotal area.
  • Regular testicular massage helps boost sex drive.
  • As an early detection or self-examination for testicular cancer as demonstrated in penis health timeline at the Dr. Oz show.
  • Boosts the production of testosterone hormone(although not scientifically proven but it seems to work on those who perform testicular massage on a regular basis).
  • Regular testicle massage helps improve erection quality especially when combined with penis exercises like stretching and Jelqing. [I would add Kegel exercises.]
  • Some men reported it helps prevent and eliminate turkey neck in penis enlargement.
  • Increases load or ejaculation volume and sperm count.
  • Helps identify abnormal lumps or swelling if there is any and address it as early as possible.
  • Allow the testicles and flaccid penis to hang low
Ball massages can be incorporated into the monthly Ball Check. You can easily do the massage yourself by first warming the area. Wrap a warm towel around your scrotum for a few minutes to loosen it.

Relax the area by using lubricant (coconut oil is excellent) to massage the surrounding muscles and tissues before moving on to the sac itself. Then run your fingers or the edge of your hand between the testicles. Massage the base of the sac, gently pulling it away from the perineum. Return to the area between your testicles.

Now, using your fingers and thumb, rub each testicle - gently squeezing as you roll across.

You really should expect your cock to get hard. Ball massage can be highly erotic. 

It's probably more beneficial to have someone else do the massage for you. But, again, boners should be anticipated.

At which time, it can be an added benefit to incorporate penile massage.

The finale is entirely up to you.
 And your partner, of course, if you have one.
It's Tax day for my U.S. Readers. May it not be too painful.


mistress maddie said...

My ex use to love massaging or rolling around my balls when we went to bed at night. H called them his stress balls, and he did it for the sole reason it really did calm his nerves, and would induce sleep for him. I usually always got hard right away. I had to sometimes really refrain from turning every massage or ball roll into a full on sex scene. But it does feel wonderful. Great post and some new info for you too.

Patrick said...

Pleased that you are feeling a bit better! Thanks for your visit and comment. Lots of interesting information and great images. Our Autumn has arrived! Much cooler nights and even some rain. Rest and recover!

SickoRicko said...

Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

That's very nice.. thanks.

does it really improve the testosterone level in our body??

Jean WM said...

Always a good teacher. Beautiful weather. Take time to enjoy spring. Hugs and bisous.

Xersex said...

very interesting!

Gabriel said...

No surprise that I am a believer of massage. Great information as usual and nice visuals to accompany the points. Makes me want to check right now!