Monday, April 2, 2018

That's All It Takes

I hope everyone had a better weekend than this young man.

"I've been seeing this girl for about four moinths. We started getting into mutual hand jobs pretty quick but that's all we do. I never put my dick near her pussy and always rolled away from her to shoot my jizz on myself. Now she says she's preganant. How is that possible? Happy fucking Easter, huh?"

Well, son, it's like this: There's this stuff called pre-ejaculate, commonly referred to as pre-cum. Did you play with your cock and then put your hands into or even near her vagina? Did she stroke your slicked-up boner and then play with herself?

Pre-cum can contain sperm. If your cock was coated with it, no matter which of you was doing the stroking, and that got in - or even near enough to - her vagina that's all it takes.

This is one more reason why parents need to be having serious discussions with their kids. Sorry, young dude. If the two of you aren't ready and properly committed to raising a child, remember you have options.


SickoRicko said...

Wow, what a predicament! Your explanation is spot-on.

Patrick said...

Thanks for your visit and comments! It's not that easy to find the right photos for "The Header" each month. Pleased that you like these. Never had that guy's problem!!! Trust your health is holding up at present! Great post as always.

A French Patrick said...

To know if Young Dude may be the father is a thing, but the only important thing is to know if Young Dude is really the father or not.
This address (among others) will be perhaps useful?
Love, hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.

Jean WM said...

Yes it’s possible but really low. If she is truly pregnant, and chooses to continue, then paternity can be established later.
This is playing with fire, a lot of participants truly don’t realize how dangerous it is. A hard way to learn.
Hugs and bisous.

T said...

Straight, gay, whatever the whole idea of pregnancy is of the belief sex has to happen for a baby to come. No. This is not something to put blame on the parents as they too would have been told that same thing. The easy way to say is man and women have sex and out comes a baby. Thats a no there too.

Look at it as mail. Your penis and vagina are just the main delivery truck and the depot. How the mail gets to the depot dont really matter; it can come via the delivery truck, by hand or even via drone.

Vagina also has a job too when it comes to sperm; kill it. All it takes is one sperm out of the millions that usually get produced during sexual activity to penetrate the egg.

Why people act all surprised for when an oops baby happens is more ignorance than stupidity. Or probably when the two collide. People learn about sperm and eggs in school. There is a reason why teachers repeatedly tell students to pay attention in class. Parents get out of this one.

Sperm has one job: find the egg! There are millions of the bastards that fly out your dick when you engage in sexual activity (either jerking off, oral or full intercourse) so the chances are pretty good your going to get someone pregnant. Women also produce more than one egg during their fertile times. The odds of not getting pregnant are not good.

Your penis does not get a girl pregnant; your sperm does.

It may seem a bit harsh but seriously pay attention when you are in school. Karma works in many ways; some good some bad.

Gabriel said...

Pregnant without the full pleasure of intercourse is sad to me. Hope all goes well for them.

Xersex said...

is he sure that he's the dad?

that one guy said...

I have a former student who was adopted. When she finally met her birth mother (she was in her 20's by then), the woman told the same kind of story: we never actually had sex, but there was this one time he came on my thigh, and something must have gotten inside somehow. I was skeptical then; I'm a little less skeptical now that I'm presented with another (possible) example.