Thursday, April 19, 2018

He Finally Found Relief

"I wrote to you a while ago. [Failure to Launch] It seemed I couldn't cum to save my life - I'd get right to the brink and then lose the boner. You and your readers offered a bunch of suggestions. I saw my doctor, he didn't have any ideas and sent me to a urologist who couldn't find anything physical that would cause the problem. He told me I needed to maybe find new stimulus - like a different location - and relax and stop worrying about it. Well, that didn't work. I'd get right to the edge. It felt like I was ready to blast a load dick went limp.

Over the last weekend my buddy and I were out having dinner. We went back to his place to watch a movie. That's when he asked if I wanted to try jacking off with him. he suggested it before but I was still hesitant. I mean, I never did anything like that before. No one's ever even seen me with a hard-on that I know of. Well, I screwed up my courage and we shed our clothes and started.

My dick got amazingly hard. Watching him jack off and seeing him cum was amazing. I stroked with a fury. My jizz shot out so hard and I know I yelled out. It was the most amazing cum I'd ever had and I can't believe how much better I feel. I just wanted you to know I finally found relief."

Well, there you go - or went, or came. We guys need to learn to open up to one another a bit more. A buddy may have experienced the same issue, and be able to offer help. Anyway, it's good to hear things worked out. Now, go enjoy yourself - whether that's alone or with your friend.

I'm gone until Monday, but I've scheduled a post for tomorrow on a topic at a Reader's request.
Have a terrific weekend.


mistress maddie said...

I think sometimes some just need to add the extra stimulation to their jacking off routine. Watching his friend in person probably gave him the added excitement he needed.

Have a good weekend friend!

SickoRicko said...

Great that the guy finally got off!

Have a terrific weekend yourself!

Xersex said...

love to see Lucas Risgeston
and Pavel Novotny
jacking off together. I own that DVD and it was made in Greece at the beginning of 2000 (like 200/2005).

Patrick said...

Another great post! Trust your conference goes well. Thanks for your visits and comments. The art exhibition wonderful. Also had a nice walk through one of our city's great parklands.

A French Patrick said...

I wish you lovely times in this loooong absence. and if it is to realize a project, I wish you wholeheartedly to succeed.
Love, hugs, and bisous, my dear friend, and the same go to our dear Jean.

Jean WM said...

Reading yesterday’s comments really interesting. Just wonder what the woman thinks of her working/living conditions. Doesn’t sound like she has any complaints she has voiced. She’s probably trying hard to fit in. She might have some solutions to offer. Hugs, bisous and happy weekend all over. P.s. I bet this comes up everywhere - the world is changing.

Anonymous said...

You didn't comment that more women than men watch same sex porn. Does this prove that men are more private than women? Is there a take away?

Anonymous said...

excellent male nudist photos....I am sitting here totally naked to hold my penis too...