Friday, May 25, 2018

The Naked Man

Sorry this is so late. I had a doctor's appointment this morning, and then regular life got in the way.

I wanted to make another observation to yesterday's post:
When kids grow up, what they often remember is whether Mom and Dad were there for them when they needed support. I think what your son will remember from the episode is that his father was there, and didn't hide or lie to him.

Guys are often expected to make the journey to "manhood" alone, left to stumble through until we get it right. Just read about the issues we face right now as a gender with the raging accusations of harassment - everything from rape to inappropriate language (sexual innuendo).
Fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, best friends need to step up to the plate and help and support one another; teach each other how to live in this new world.

We can start by opening up, by being honest, by shedding inhibitions about who we are. Though nudity is frowned upon by many, it might be well to remember that the naked man has nothing to hide. 
By that I mean it is easier to talk openly once you've been together naked. Go get naked together; fathers, brothers, sons, uncles, cousins, friends.
Continue the celebration...
...and enjoy the weekend. 


mistress maddie said...

I Dad didn't teach me anything. I learned a little on my own. But one time a friend of my dads, a older handsome daddy type taught me. Long story short, he was gay, but it was where I learned all I needed to know about sex and jacking off and other things. We probably could have been in big trouble....but I'm gratful to this day for his fun, but serious education.

Have a great holiday weekend PAT!

French Patrick said...

I agree with you as regards the fact that what his son will remember is that his father didn't hide or lie to him.
Despite being absent yesterday, even the "father" who appears on the photo which is just under your sentence seems already half convinced as he has half-opened his door.

Happy Memorial Day, my darlings Jean and Pat. With my deepest respect, it's thanks to them that we can make love, cuddle, kiss each other or wank, and other ways to feel that we are alive.

Patrick said...

WONDERFUL!!!!! If only I'd had someone to help me through those years, but dad died when I was just 10, as I've mentioned. Trust you visit to the doctor was helpful! Have good weekend. Cold morning here 10C, but the sun is shining!

Xersex said...

love your wisdom

SickoRicko said...

Great post! Have a great weekend!

Taotrojan said...

Hi bro. I am very glad to see you post this. It is so rare that our loved one,s leave us alone to discover our body,s. I have some similar'e posts to this content.
A very good post,thxs. Also thxs for the visit. Xxxxx.

Anonymous said...

while dad didn't actually show us me and my brother have seen him jerk off and he sure told us all about sex and jerking our dicks. we're both really happy he did that - R