Thursday, May 3, 2018

Waiting for Permission

It's a celebration everyone can join in on.

Actually, it's a celebration everyone should join in on.
It's healthy
Particularly for guys. 

 Not only is it a terrific stress reliever
as Faithful Reader, Jean, said in her comment yesterday, she also points out what a great sleep aid it makes. It's nature's Ambien.
So, join the month-long celebration. 

Relieve some stress.

Are you waiting for permission?
Print it out and tape it to the wall near the bed.


A French Patrick said...

It's at the entrance of the churches that your last picture sould be taped.

Leviticus 20:13, "When a man sleeps with a man as we sleep with a woman, what they are doing both is an abomination: they will be put to death."

I think that you know what has been preached by the Minister Roger Jimenez of Verity Baptist Church at Sacramento just after Orlando's attack, as well as the Minister Steven Anderson who founded the Faithful Word Baptist Church at Temple in Arizona? If you don't know what they said, you just have to ask for it, but it's also easily findable on the Web. I think that it is their statements which are abominable, but, alas, from a purely theological point of view, they are right.

I read recently that the stress caused to the gay young people by the stifling pressure of everyone, in a way, the church, their families, their friends and others relationships reduce their average life expectancy by as much as twelve years.

Fortunately, the masturbation has nothing to do with the homosexuality, contrary to what we have believed over many centuries.

Have a great day, my darlings Jean and Pat. Love, hugs and bisous.

Xersex said...

nice guys and pics!

SickoRicko said...

The prescription slip made me chuckle.

Patrick said...

Great, as always! Changes in the weather! Join the club! Ours are the same! Autumn one day, back to Summer the next! Trust you have a good weekend!

mistress maddie said...

Probably why I sleep so well. When I'm by myself, I always jackoff before bed.

AOM SoulFood said...

Phabulous Celebration, bro! All so true and needed to free us from ignorance and lies. Thanks for promoting healthy, positive pro-human living. Have a great day and wonderful weekend! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Jean WM said...

There are some great sources to get better at this; lots of different techniques. For men this can be a big plus. Google it.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Very good advice!

Anonymous said...

@French Patrick:
According to a Jewish friend, at least in her (Conservative) congregation, it's only a sin if it involves anal penetration. (Keep in mind, anal sex between men and women is fine. It's just that penetrating a man "as a woman" is a sin.)

So, masturbation is totally fine. At least under Leviticus 20:13.

tonyitalian1951 said...

I try to masturbate at least twice a week. I have been retired close to 10 months. I tend to get bigger and longer lasting erections since I have been closer to a friend from the past. Enjoy Masturbation Month guys.