Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A Very Pleasant Companion

Whatever our gender we all masturbate. It's no secret. There's no reason to deny it, or hide the fact from others. So what makes this yearly celebration of it different?

Masturbation Month was introduced to honor Dr. Joycelyn Elders, who was fired from her position in the Bill Clinton administration for suggesting - in a private conversation - after a University speech that "masturbation should, perhaps, be taught."

The reasons we jack off, or whatever term you wish to use, are plentiful. But, as blogger buddy AOM suggests over at his new blog Morning Dew, this month we should make it something special when we take ourselves in hand.

Celebrate yourself.
 Honor yourself. 

 Love yourself.
The better lover you are to your own body, 

the better lover you can be to another.


SickoRicko said...

Really great post! I'll reflect it on my blog.

taotrojan said...

Very good. My veiws entirely what you say. Being mindful with your self is very rewarding and yes it should be taught as in the early period,s of Taoism. Excellent post bro.

mistress maddie said...

Definitely a month I can get behind.

Xersex said...

delicious guys!

Patrick said...

Great as always! I remember being told by the priest-in-charge at college, "Only evil men masturbate"! We've cum a long was but still not far enough. Thanks for your visit and comment. Hope you like my May Header!

AOM SoulFood said...

Wonderful Celebration, bro - Happy Masturbation Month - certainly a joyous occasion. Thanks for the shout out. I hope you've been well and having fun will I've been away. So good to be back here with you. Have wanktastic day! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

A French Patrick said...

I do not understand that Dr Joycelyn Elderse might be liable to be fired for so few. Not only it was in private, but she was only raising a question to herself without affirming anything.

I ignored that Bill Clinton had made a vow of chastity, (not only for himself but for all the Americans) according to which we can be sucked under our desk but we cannot wank.

I believed that the First Amendment forbade to limit the freedom of expression.

Well, let us say that I had it all wrong, and let us just leave it at that.

Love, hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.

Jean WM said...

Pat, I hope you are doing well. What a shame if folks let others dictate what they do in privacy. Hugs and bisous, French Patrick. Hope you are well too.

Mark Greene said...

you make me want to touch myself ! lol True story.
Thanks for a much needed post. honestly I believe people who embrace masturbation are better lovers with their partners as well as very creative people. we exercise our imaginations and find unique techniques,toys,positions and fantasies which helps us with our creative output whether with our partners or ourselvelves.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton is Bill Clinton. My generation has had to live with his "compromises" and has a more negative view of him for it.

I should add, though, that it was masturbation as an alternative to penetration, the latter risking STDs. It wasn't just wild masturbatory orgies in honor of Pan or whatever the cons thought it was. And there was a racial aspect to her firing.