Thursday, May 24, 2018

Too Late to Hide

"My son came out to my workshop the other day and found me in my chair with my pants around my ankles stroking my dick. When I noticed him standing there his dick pushing a tent in his pants. He had this look of fascination on his face and asked what I was doing. Well, it was too late to hide anything so I left my pants on the floor and pulled down a folding chair for him and told him to remove his pants and have a seat that it was time for him to learn about his dick. Long story short I showed him how to jerk off. It's my habit to stand when I cum so the only clean up is the floor. He followed suit but his knees gave out when he came. I caught him before he hit the floor and got hurt and I ended up with his jizz all over me. I laughed it off but do you think that would have any effect on him? I mean that his hard-on pressed against me while he was shooting?"

There may be some who think the entire episode will have a detrimental effect on him. But, as anyone who has read this blog over the years on a regular basis knows I'm not of that mindset. I think fathers should be doing more to teach their sons about their cocks and masturbation.

That you didn't panic when he saw you, that you didn't try to pretend you weren't jacking off, that you took the opportunity to make it a teaching moment is commendable. That this occurred during Masturbation Month is even better - especially if you took the time to explain why we have this yearly celebration.
To be honest, I wouldn't worry about it. I seriously doubt he is even going to remember that particular instant. Do you remember the exact moment the first time you ejaculated, except the sensation of semen pulsing through your cock?

Readers, what do you think?


Xersex said...

no problem at all!!!

Frank in Austin said...

Dads should educate their boys about masturbation. I carried a ton of guilt thinking I was doing harm to myself. Did do some harm before I discovered lube. Had good friend that showed me his techniques and that made a big difference. I guess if Dad had told me that it was okay and given me some tips, I think I would have not felt so guilty.
I had another friend who said his father showed him the ropes and explained that it was perfectly natural and to be careful about "when and where".

that one guy said...

Laughing it off is exactly the right response. If you'd been freaked out or embarrassed (either about getting caught or about the jizz accident), then that would have told him that maybe he should be freaked out or embarrassed.

He'll probably remember it, but I wouldn't expect it to have a lasting effect on him, especially since you didn't turn any of it into a big deal.

Patrick said...

Fantastic father! Wish I had had an experience like that when I needed it! Great post as always! Thanks again for your visits and comments! Pleased the days are improving for you. Enjoy your weekend and the pool!

French Patrick said...

I think that he wrote you for being congratulated. As the exception doesn't make the rule, for one time I congratulate him. There would have been maybe a way of reacting better, but by taking into account the number of manners to react which would have been worse, I think that he did tried to do the best he can under this particular circumstance, and that he did pretty well for both himself and his son. Obviously their stealthy contact will have some effects on his son but he well did by playing down the situation by laughing. This kind of teaching is indisputably preferable to those his son could have found with, for instance, porn movies.

Love, hugs and bisous my darlings Jean and Pat.

Postscript: Thank you for your concern. My problems of computer, yesterday evening, were attributable only in an internal problem to Tumblr that the latter has solved.

Tex said...

I'm sure he'll be fine. Congrats for the quick reflex catching him. I think the only thing he'll remember is the mind blowing, knee buckling orgasm he had.

mistress maddie said...

Ok I got WAY to distracted by the first picture.

Jean WM said...

It’s hard to guess what will be remembered and what won’t be. Just when you think it’s such a big deal you find out it wasn’t at all.

I guess he will just have to take cues from his son. If this has helped them be close then they will probably talk (and maybe laugh) about it again. Hugs and bisous.

Jake6x6 said...

So glad I had a dad with no hang-ups about nudity or jacking off. To this day he comes and stays with me for 2 week every few months and its still not a big deal. He is widowed and I am divorced so we both need to unload at times. I don't give it a second thought if he walks in my home office and I am stroking off. It goes both ways - I've brought him coffee in the morning and he is busy on his laptop playing with his morning hard on and he stops and thanks me for the gesture and goes right back to it. It's a bonding experience that only a father and son can have.