Thursday, May 10, 2018

Give Them the Tools

Straight women enjoy seeing naked men as much as straight men enjoy seeing the ladies nude; the guys enjoy watching ladies pleasure themselves, and the ladies report getting enjoyment from watching us guys.

We learn by watching, we learn by doing. As Faithful Reader Jean has pointed out, the ladies are ready. Pun intended or not, she says we just need to "give them the tools." 

And French Patrick invites the wife (of yesterday's poster) to tell us about watching her husband and his brother as she experienced it.

So, bro, if you're reading, how about it? If your wives were brave enough to ask you guys to jack off together and let them watch, are they brave enough to provide their point of view of the results? 
From comments he's left, Mistress Maddie knows straight guys like masturbating with other men. He knows it's common for brothers to jack off together. But he'd like to know how common it is for brothers to suck one another's cock. I'd have to do some research on that one.

Can anyone provide any insight?


A French Patrick said...

LOL, I dare be pretty sure that the pun was intended.
It seems unfair that we can help the ladies by giving them the tools, in both acceptions of the word, while they can help the men only by accepting their help.
But I really would like to be wrong and to receive the contrary's proof.
Love, hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.

Patrick said...

Great once again! It would seem that gay twins often do everything together, even intercourse. I've heard of a gay guy asking his "straight" brother to fuck him and it happening on a regular basis. Instead of jacking off he fucked his younger brother! Visit still rising on my blog! Coldest morning yet here 11C.

SickoRicko said...

One thing that crossed my mind was: if the ladies learned from the experience, what perhaps, have the men learned about their wives.

Jean WM said...

Well I’m totally clueless, I can’t think of any answer Pat. Straight Guys seem to struggle with being too intimate with another guy, but maybe not with a brother. I could be totally wrong. Yep I am clueless. Hugs and bisous dear Pat and French Patrick.

Fullmoonma said...

No brother, but the first cock I sucked (when I was 14) was on the 15 yo kid across the street. Don't remember how we got naked and hard, but he was pretty surprised, didn't come, and never got naked with me again. Obviously he wasn't as fascinated with cock as this gay boy!

Xersex said...

so nice pics

Sebastianus said...

I never had any play with my brothers, but I was fortunate enough to have done a lot of play with two friends growing up.

It was basically frottage, and there was this absolute fear of penetration, and squeamishness about cum, perhaps because these things would make us truly "gay". We even got to the point of mimicking anal and brushing our faces against each others' cocks and even kissing them, but no actual penetration.

The friend with whom I had the longest fling ended up marrying and fathering children, so I can only assume that he's predominately straight. After his divorce, he did reach out to me for "coffee" or "lunch" and I totally would have accepted had I not moved overseas.

Anonymous said...

One thing my circle jerk has is, we've wanted the ladies to watch. (Well, those of us who HAVE ladies.) But it's always felt kinda awkward. Maybe make a weekend of it?