Monday, June 17, 2019

A Thoughtful Gift

Happy Monday. I hope all you dads out there in the U.S. had a special Father's Day.
Or, if you still have your father, I hope you were able to do something special for him or with him.
These guys went above and beyond:
From the Mail Bag:
"Our dad was widowed more than two years ago and for months now my brothers and me have been trying to get him hooked up. He keeps refusing. Once we even asked him when was the last time he got laid. He said we didn't need to worry about him like that. But we do. We get he misses our mom but it's time for him to get back in th egame he's only in his 50's. So for Father's Day this year we chipped in an bought him one of the mechanized FleshJacks. We left it on the diningroom table with a card. I put For Your Health and we all signed it. We got a group text from him a few hours later that said If I promise to use it will you three stop trying to set me up?"
[The FleshJack link added.]

Now that's a thoughtful gift. I hope he puts it to good use because your message to him was spot on. Masturbation is a good thing. Ejaculation promotes overall health, physically.

and mentally. 


mistress maddie said...

I remember when the lad got me mine. I love that thing.

AOM SoulFood said...

Hey Bro! What an awesome story! That is so cool that they could be so open and understanding - and what a perfect gift! I hope all is going well with you, my Friend. Have a Bonerific Day! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

SickoRicko said...
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SickoRicko said...

Very nice of those sons to get that for their dad.

And boy, that video gave me good wood!

JeanWM said...

Really good point, if you don’t try it how do you know if it’s still working!!! Also what better way to find out early if there is a problem.

Hugs and bisous.

Gabriel said...

I love that the guys could gift that to their father. That is a cool relationship between them.

whkattk said...

@W Gabriel - Isn't it great? That all fathers and sons had that kind of relationship!

Xersex said...

love gifs & pics of cum!