Friday, August 3, 2018

The Same Basic...

In her comment yesterday, Jean asked if penis size is proportionate to the overall size, build of the man.

"As an interested observer, is there any scale involved in penis sizes? Do tall men tend to have larger ones? I know the claims about hand and foot size but they do tend to be in scale to the size of the man. Would the penis also be to scale?"
I'd have to say no.

According to my own physician, a guy's cock is mostly a product of genetics. If his father, grandfather, (paternal relatives in general) are (were) hung, then chances are the guy will be, as well. If those ancestors had relatively small penises, then so will he.

Many guys are obsessed with the size of their cocks, though. If they don't think it's large enough, they'll try pretty much anything to make it bigger. I never thought mine was (is) all that big - especially soft. But, if that friend says it is, who am I to argue? 😉

 Men: Regardless of size, it has the same basic shape, the same basic function, the same basic sensations.

Just enjoy it!


SickoRicko said...

Good words to live by!

JiEL said...

Good question here but with many explanations.

First, in my huge experiences meeting many men, penis size isn't proportional to the size of the men's body.

I met men of all sizes of penis and at the end, they have fairly good erections. I once encounter a muscle man, not to tall that the penis was quite small even in his hardon. But that guy was such sensual and good lover that he knew how to please me even with his tinny erected penis.

There are many factors that influence the size of a penis like, as example, if it's in a cool environnement. It'll shrink for sure no matter the original size. The reverse is true also that hot temperature will help to enlarge it.

To me, there are no universal rule for the men's penis size.
All are to be enjoyed as they are.

PS.- Must admit that in a sauna many years ago there was that man that opened his towel to show me his HUGE, HUGE, very HUGE uncut erected penis. THAT was a turn off for my just imagining this monster going in my small mouth or my tight ass… AOUCH!

Xersex said...

very interesting as usual

Anonymous said...

I'm 6", 151 lbs, small boned/small frame. Big hands with long thin fingers. Wedding band is size 6.5. Cock is 7 X 5.5. You just never know. First time ex saw it she asked "where were you hiding that?"

Patrick said...

Never thought that mine was very large! But never had a complaint! I've seen much smaller ones!!! Your yard must be getting crowded with all the sculpture you've been purchasing over the years! There's a touch of "spring" in the air here. But what we need everywhere is good soaking rain.

Jean WM said...

Thanks, Pat. You’re the expert we count on for all your info! Interesting. Hugs and bisous, happy weekend!

T said...

Yes and no.

The genetics side is not entirely accurate; its a guide at best its not 100% certain. The way how the 'good genetics' gets packaged to the masses leads to lies. The available pool they can sample from is extremely small; straight away they can get 2 generations. Pushing it for a 3rd is doable and 4th or more would be very rare. What makes the pool even smaller is many only look to the father's side and ignore the mothers side completely.

Another issue with the genetics side is we dont take dna from one gender only. Just because you had a male child does not mean its only going to take dna from its father. The mother also has male genetic dna that development can take from. Two sets of dna are involved when it comes time to baking the baby. The offspring dna will be a mix of both.

Geography (climate) would have a bigger influence than genetics. The body adapts to its environment but it is a multi-generational change. Its a change that can take hundreds of years to develop but recently scientists have been looking at more comparison developments of how geography/climate influences human development.

Fullmoonma said...

Based on giving erotic massages to perhaps 1000 men over the last 30 years I think I can say with some assurance that there isn't a consistent correlation between stature and cock length. Big cocks (90th percentile, over 7.5" long) are found on all size bodies. I have less experience with small cocks - I think men with cocks under 5" are reluctant to seek erotic massages.

Men with Asian ancestry seem to have smaller cocks than men with European or African ancestry. I remember a hilarious session with a 3.5 inch cock that didn't want to cooperate with its owners desire to explore fucking - we had lots of fun trying though!

I have a friend whose very attractive body is all about length and slimness, and that is mirrored in his cock - 8" long and 1" thick. He once fucked me for 3 hours in a tantric session! Another friend with a similar lanky body has a smaller than average cock that isn't a shower, but he sure knows how to use it! Another friend is a foot shorter in status - a power bottom - with a nearly identical cock. I bought a commemorative dildo to help me remember good times with each of them!

As for me, I have a 7x6 85th percentile cock on a very average 5-10 frame

mistress maddie said...

A great positive post!!!!

Anonymous said...

...don't forget that most of the pictures on The Internet are from the 'long' end of the gene pool! (:


that one guy said...

In my experience, hand/ finger size is a pretty good indicator. My husband, for example, is 6'2" but with smallish hands and slender fingers. His cock is about 5" to 5-1/2" long, and not thick for its size. His wedding ring is a size 7 as I recall. I'm 5'9" but with broad hands and thick fingers. My cock is about 6-1/2" long and thick for its size, like my hands. My wedding ring is a size 9.

But anyway, I wish guys could be unself-conscious about the size of their cocks the way they are about their hands or feet. It just is what it is, and unless you need to be able to palm a basketball or be a watchmaker, neither big nor small is "better."

And we all have the same nerve endings!

R Rad said...

Sometime around 10 or 11 years of age, I remember seeing my dad's pecker hanging out the leg of his boxers and me thinking "And that's all?", and no matter how much I hoped and prayed, what I got today (40+ years later) is no bigger than what I saw all those years ago.

The mondo-cock gene is just not within our family.