Wednesday, August 8, 2018

It's No Myth

It's no myth. It should not be a secret that our balls start to feel heavy and ache. That the BOE (Blood-Oxygen Erections) get more sensitive, turn into actual boners. That they become more insistent; harder and twitch with interaction of material against them. That precum will start to flow.

Therefore, it's probably not going to surprise too many people that the option more and more men are taking to (temporarily) tame the beast in the mutual masturbation.

Jacking off with a buddy, or two, or more. As evidenced by this Buzzfeed News article about the granddaddy of all jack off groups, the New York Jacks.

Masturbating with other guys takes away much of our culture’s shame and embarrassment about this universal practice.” Steve [one of the organizers] made a point of asserting that not all Jacks attendees are gay, and guessed some 10% may be married to or in relationships with women, who may or may not know about their partners’ sexual proclivities."
As the author himself put it, "...for many men, myself included, mutual masturbation is not merely the “I’m not really hungry; I’ll just have a salad” of sex; rather, it’s an experience to be sought for its own sake."

"All things considered, mutual masturbation is pretty tame — masturbation is something most people already do, albeit alone — but the popular notion of masturbation as somehow being failed sex, the purview of lonely internet trolls, leads many would-be avid mutual masturbators to keep their sexual cards close to their chests."
So, thank goodness buddy jack off is getting more popular. Because, as history teaches us, the more popular something becomes, the more acceptable it is.


AOM SoulFood said...

AMEN! It is really good and important that mutual masturbation become common place - normal and natural - a good and pleasant activity to enjoy together. Why NOT?!? Thanks for promoting healthy attitudes toward sexuality. I hope you have a great jizz-tastic day, bro. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

mistress maddie said...

I agree. I have one gay and straight friend that I get together with to jack off with...and when the Lad is here we have been to the Philly Jack's three times now. And the attendance is up I hear. We notice more people each visit.. I find it a huge turn on to watch guys jack off.

Patrick said...

Yes! Doing it with others can be a very good experience! Sometimes, too, another guy will give you "a hand"! I've also heard of guys doing it on public transport - bus & train! Another in the office at lunch break, with those present watching or joining in or giving a hand (!) Meeting with my doctor is this morning!

SickoRicko said...

Fabulous post!

Jean WM said...

You really do wonder why, way back in history, it ever became unacceptable to begin with? Hot and humid everywhere! Hugs and bisous.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can say a lot of guys, even "straight" guys, like jerking off together, and it doesn't disappear once you're in a relationship.