Thursday, June 16, 2016

His Kind of Attitude

New neighbors. My philosophy has always been "if you don't like it, don't look." But, there is a block wall between the properties. Kind of tough for the husband, he's close to 7' tall! Though he does a decent job of 'not noticing'. But my wife did warn he and his wife about my "nudist tendencies." LOL. 

The son home from college, however... There I was just waking from a nap, boner glory and all...standing at the edge of the patio taking a piss. A head pops over the wall.
"Nice, Mr. L. You go, man."

What can you do? As any guy can attest, getting the flow through a boner is a skill; once you get it started, you're rather "in for the money" as the saying goes. Given his expression and tone, I interpreted his comment to mean
I thanked him, and we both laughed. It was better than either of us trying to pretend he didn't see it. We had a nice conversation about how he liked being here (It's okay) and how he liked school (UCLA is cool). He admitted his folks told him not to be looking over the wall; he said he scoffed "What's the big deal?" Then he asked me if I minded some company skinny-dipping this summer because his mom won't let him be naked in their pool.
My response: Any time.
He got this little smirk. "Can I ask you something?"
"I've never done it before. What if I get a boner?" 
My response: I'll be honest, the first few times, you can probably count on it. If you get a boner, you get a boner. (Shrug) So what? They're good for you - the more you get, the better.
"Really? That's cool, thanks!"
We chatted a little bit more, I extended my willingness to let him skinny-dip in my pool.
"Maybe next week."
We need more of his kind of attitude.









A French Patrick said...

The son is as much adorable as D....d is hateful, and that's saying something. It is a commonness, but it is obvious that the youth is more refreshing than any embittered and vindictive old fossil. But let us forget the grim old fogeys and their ravings.
And if the son can be cloned, I am interested by a certified true copy in my immediate neighborhood.
In this wait, I wish you a wondrous day, my darling, with a lot of bisous for yourself and our dear Jane.

Queer Heaven said...

Your attitude about being naked is just so wonderful!


Great! Nice attitude of the your guy next door! Long session with doctor yesterday! Arm is healing! More antibiotics for another week!

Jean WM said...

@FP and Pat, since grandson, Ludovic, is turning 17, how old should a person be to get Pat's blog? Is 18 the age for the U.S.A? What would it be in France, the same?

I wonder what life will be like when he is your age French Patrick? Will he look back at this time and think we had all gone crazy?

Xersex said...

love your pics! and your answer!

SickoRicko said...

Your openness amazes me!

whkattk said...

@ Jean - I don't know about France, but here in the US it is minimum of 17. This is why films will be rated NC-17 (No Children Under 17 years of age). At age 18 they may view anything they wish - which is why the majority of adult blogs will have the warning regarding age 18. Plus, any and all photos must be of people no less than age 18. Though, since there is no way for blogs to determine proof of age, readers simply have to press the "I understand and wish to continue" button when reaching an adult blog. Which is why and how our Dad's oldest son is able to access and had left a couple of comments until his father instructed him otherwise. Have a wonderful weekend - Hugs!!!

A French Patrick said...

@ Jean - Tp paraphrase Pat, I know about France. It is 18. When I had his age it was 21. When I was 20 years and nine months old, I made pregnant a woman 21 years and two months old. My mother accepted no other solution that the abortion. Not even that she brings our child up alone, under duress of accusing her for abduction of a minor.

There are countries where the age is 20, 21, 25, and even countries where no porn is allowed. On the other hand you have a country were we can prostitute ourself at 16.

Thus the answer is to look for country by country, and that is why on my blog instead of the +18 I have written "Leave if you are underage in your country, if adult material offends you or is illegal in your country".

I think that at my age he will think we had all gone crazy because that lasts since immemorial times and because that is not expected to cease in the future. On the other hand, when we think that we are crazy, including ourself, it's the best proof that we are not crazy.

"Anything they wish" is true for nobody when it comes to perversions such as the zoophily, the pedophilia and so on.

Bisous, darling.