Wednesday, June 8, 2016

On Nudity and Boners

Interesting response to yesterday's post by two Faithful Readers. Lord Patrick (More of the Same) and Not Alone (Gay Married in the Midwest) (who is to be congratulated, by the way, for hitting his 6th blogging anniversary) have both made some very good points.
Lord Patrick writes: It is interesting that in mainly Protestant countries in Europe, nude sunbathing in city parks is common.
There are places here in the US where nudity is still against city ordinance but authorities turn a blind eye. Here in my city we had a large circle park in the center of a community. Because of the nude sunbathing in the park where we dancers and entertainers resided (there was no such thing as a tanning booth, or spray tan) the area garnered the nickname Naked City. Besides the "no body hair" rule, we could not have tan lines when seen onstage in our skimpy outfits.


Not Alone states: Many people think it is bad for the children. I think if it is just I'm nude at the moment going through my day it is fine for children to see that. Too many see nudity as a sexual thing,and don't want children involved. We make nudity about sex. It is not.
Nudity can be about simply relaxing

It can be about spending time with our friends

Not Alone is right, of course - along with the other responses which called out Purtitanism, religions, and prudishness as the culprits. The largest issue we face is that many people believe that if one is naked sex must be involved. Just as it is difficult to make people believe that not every erection is about sex (despite what you may read at some internet sites). Something I had to explain to both of my wives:
Boners happen
under many different circumstances which have nothing to do with sex.





mistress maddie said...

Amen. We can keep saying this over and over, and some will never sink in.

Xersex said...

love the pics!

A French Patrick said...

There is even one of these "Protestant countries in Europe" where for obtaining an entrance visa, we have to fill a statement saying that we are not offended by the view of naked people in the street nor by that of the persons of the same sex who hug or kiss each other in public. This country is Denmark, the first which has authorized the pornography both in texts in 1967 and as regards photos in 1960. In the field of the report to the body they consider this to be a core value which deserves to be defended "as it is representing a possibility of opening "to the diversity and to the physical self-esteem". Regrettably this feeling tends to decline in the Danish youth.
I whish you a wondrous day, mon chéri, with lots of bisous for you and Jean.


Thanks! Very much sensible information! It is interesting that my mother was a very devoted Catholic, but never objected to my walking around the house nude (my father died when I was 10 years old after 5 years of serious illness). She knew that some of us boys played nude together, but never objected. It was not till I got to boarding school that we were told that nudity was wrong, and masturbation evil. Oh! Yes! My mother probably knew that I masturbated (stains!!) but never said anything about it! We have experienced over the weekend one of the most horrific storms in over 30 years! Much damage and some lives lost!

Jean WM said...

So nice to hear French Patrick did not have to turn into a duck! But he would be a swan for sure.

I wonder if we are getting more prudish as our country wants to move more and more to the right. Our Fox News is the conservative network (note, I did not say news network.) started in 1996 and has risen to number one cable network. A university tested people for their accurate knowledge of current affairs and noted the news network they watched. The most accurate watched Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) and the very bottom in accuracy was Fox News.

So full of misinformation, and a conservative christian bias, this is what a big portion of the USA is watching. And you wonder how we got Trump and adversion to nudity. Thanks to Pat and the rest of you Bloggers to add a little balance.

Anonymous said...

Thank you "again" for the pictures. You know when great pictures are included learning is such a wonderful thing.

Pics of cars and exposed genitals are HOT! I travel a great deal in a truck or bus / motor home and at that raised level you see a lot of nudity. I can not think of a better way to show what you have than in a car. So many people think that nudity and vehicle is illegal, which in most states it is not, unless you are masturbating, or make gestures to others in a sexual manner.

It is summer get out there and enjoy your body and that of others.

SickoRicko said...

Boners are good!

whkattk said...

@ Anon - I find myself letting my cock out if it gets hard while I'm driving... Otherwise, have not driven naked in many years. Made a trip from Omaha to Cleveland in my convertible (top down) fully nude. What a wonderful trip that was!

A French Patrick said...

@ Jean WM,
It king of you. Thank you,my heart. In my age, I do not care a lot of my appearance. Nevertheless, all right for the swan. To please you. And a duck, as Donald, to please my love who is a big fan of Disney for whom he works at its Orlando's Park within the framework of their College Program. I would have become schizophrenic. Fortunately the flood is behind me. Anyway I moved.
Hugs and kisses, dearest.