Thursday, June 23, 2016

Renewed and Rejuvenated

The Ladies have been pampering themselves for decades. It's time we guys caught up. Yesterday, I decided to treat myself. I scheduled a Full Body Scrub. Never had one before, and I didn't know what to expect. When I got to the spa, they were offering a package deal: for another $40, I could add a 1-hour massage. Sold!

Inside, I sat in one of the steam rooms for a bit,
showered and shaved (they provide shaving cream and disposable razors).

Sat in the warm water spa for a while,
then laid down on a chaise watching the other folks.
The Body Scrub was rougher than I thought. But when he switched to the nylon pouf full of lather - well that was the best part. He didn't wash my cock, but did my taint, balls, and crack. And, yes, I popped a bit of wood as he cupped a hand over my cock. I think it's such a normal thing to happen, he didn't react at all - just kept on scrubbing. He even washed my hair and scrubbed the callous from my heels. But the best part - oh, my! The best part was getting my back scrubbed. Then lotion - felt much like hair conditioner. Between each section, he dumped buckets of warm water over me.

Then he led me to a massage room. Ahhhh... Light, long strokes. Heaven. It also impressed me that he massaged my gluts, because so many masseurs don't. Turning over, he massaged my chest, stomach, and my abdomen right to the base of my cock. When he did my legs, he included my thighs. His hands glided against my balls a few times causing more wood - again, no reaction, he continued his work.

He led me back out to the wet area. I showered off all the oil
and stretched out on a chaise lounge.
I struck up a conversation with the guy next to me about body shyness. We're two of a kind. Don't see any sense in hiding our equipment, and we both love nude beaches. I mentioned the nude cruise and he asked how to book one. We chatted a bit more, then I dressed and left. All in all, a very relaxing time. I felt renewed and rejuvenated. I spent the rest of the day, lounging by the pool.


A French Patrick said...

If on top you get beautiful, I shall have no more words to express you my feelings.
Fortunately this loooooooong wait gives me time to learn and/or to invent new ones.
For the moment, in this loooooooong expectation, I wish a great day to you, mon petit chéri, and to our dearest Jean a wondrous day with a lot of bisous

Xersex said...



Sounds great! Thanks again for your visits and comments!

Jean WM said...

What a treat! I am inspired, I'll have to check out the local spas and see if any specials. Don't you just love French Patrick's take on this!
And we all know what a bisous is, so many for all.

SickoRicko said...

Sounds wonderful. I'm glad you had a good time!