Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekend Amusement

I apologize for not making my rounds to leave comments for my Blogger Buddies on Friday. The mind was willing, but the body was not.
Sometimes this ridiculous progressive disease wreaks havoc; trying to un-seize muscles to do things - like get my fingers to the correct keys - is like trying to move a mountain.  If I hadn't written and scheduled my post ahead of time, it wouldn't have been done either.
It's better today, but still slow and tedious. So, I shall leave with the hope that you all had a wonderful weekend, and found a weekend of amusement.













Xersex said...

love the last one!
happy new week!

Not Alone said...

Glad you are feeling a little bit better....

A French Patrick said...

Do not apologize for having not made your rounds to leave comments. A comment justifies itself only by the fact that we feel the need or at least the desire to say something that we believe to be relevant.
Otherwise, to say anything so as to have satisfied to I do not know which obligation is one nonsense. I leave that for my dog which pisses on a tree for saying to the other dogs that he has been here. Nobody has paid a subscription to receive comments.

Nevertheless, I am anxious to say that I am satisfied that you feel you a little better and I hope that you will continue to feel you better and better.
And I hope that the excellent day which I wish you, with many kisses, to you and to Jean, will contribute to it.

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Ahhh, mon ami, I stop to make comments not only to let you know that I have visited, but also because it is my way of letting you know that I am thinking of you, and that I care. Bisou, cheri!

SickoRicko said...

Never worry about not making your rounds; I hope you get your mojo back real soon!

mistress maddie said...

How I have missed you blog and all the pretty cocks! Thank you for your warm welcome!!! Yes I love a good spa day. As much as I love massage, I really do enjoy a good body scrub and facial. Really feel cleaned and sparkling when its done. Your spa day sounds wonderful. The last guy at my regular spa even handled my cock last time.

A French Patrick said...

Yes, me too. But it's not compulsory because I already know it very well, at least not every days. On the contrary it is if you cease to think of me and to care that you would have to tell it to me. But what I wanted to say is that it must not to be a chore, not even an obligation. Bisous, darling

Chris said...

You should take the poor pup in picture 4 and go sit under a nice tree and enjoy the view -- there are plenty of pictures to re-view.


So sorry that you have been feeling so unwell! Do take care of yourself! Great post as ever. Lots of very positive thoughts across cyberspace!

Jean WM said...

"I leave that for my dog which pisses on a tree for saying to the other dogs that he has been here." By French Patrick. What more is there to say! Bisous to Pat & Patrick.

SteveXS said...

No apologies ever needed, it's this thing called life. :-)