Monday, June 6, 2016

The Fluidity of Arousal

Two things today. Don't you just love it? First I have connected with a blogger from Germany who also promotes healthy attitudes of nudity and masturbation. His blog Real Sex Mainstream is written in German, of course, but I have taken to opening Google Translate to copy and paste his text. I've added his blog to the Blog Roll. I should add, he gives equal attention to women and men.

The second thing would be to tell you about several very wonderful recent posts by blogger buddy SteveXS at All Natural and More. A study done in the UK indicates that men are opening up about cuddling with other men; it's okay, it's relaxing.
Athletic team mates must often share hotel rooms, and are not adverse to sharing beds - even spooning one another.
There's no embarrassment over morning wood.
There's no embarrassment over boners at all.

The second is a report on a recent study of the US. It appears more and more men are beginning to accept the fluidity of sexual arousal. 
They're shedding the old traditions of being pigeon-holed with strict hetero-
or homosexual behavior.
Then Steve posts a memoir piece (from 2014) of a man who deliberately experienced what would be called "gay sex" and discovered equal pleasure and enjoyment in being with a man.


And he enjoyed it so much he even asked the guy to cum on him.

How refreshing it all is to know that we're finally getting away from the nonsensical Puritan attitudes of the past.


Imagination said...

Thank you very much, my dear friend, for the kind note on my blog RSM and the link! That's very friendly.

It is true: my blog is in German language. But there are also several English posts. And moreover it applies, that nudity and sexuality is an universal human body language, which speaks for itself.

For those who are interested in my blog, here is an overview of English posts:
And here you'll find an overview of masturbation on RSM (mostly German, some English):

mistress maddie said...

To me sex is sex. It the connection you get. I feel people just have preference. The straight guys I have seen do enjoy women, but also enjoy men from time to time. I truly don't think they are gay either. They don't even really label themselves. Sex is just connecting and being intimate. As long as it's enjoyed, lets not over think it.

RockHard said...

There are things I might try. There is at least one not open for discussion. Kissing a man with tongue is not for me. That's for love and romance with a woman. On the other hand, I'd like to know how it feels to be rimmed. I don't want a cock up there but, I wouldn't mind a prostate massage. One last thing. First and current wife thinks a cock in their mouth is downright disgusting. I've explained how clean it is compared to one's mouth, but no luck there. So, if a man sucked me off and let cum in his mouth I'd do the same for him. Just no kissing.

Imagination said...

In addition I must confess: You always publish very appealing photos! I adore women and men, especially when they are sexually aroused or enjoy intimate unification with body and soul. Your blog makes me even more pleasurable on attractive men. You succeed excellent to present the male body in its natural splendor and in his sexual fascination. To watch your excellently selected photos is a feast for the eyes
and a stimulation for the genitals. Outstanding!

A French Patrick said...

Hi, Pat.
I have ceased to swimm and I am glad to be back. I learnt German in second language and I visited the indicated blog. If Real Sex Mainstream gives equal attention to women and men. Apparently these persons forgot to be gays or lesbians, but nobody's perfect, and I did not maybe go enough far to my exploration.
I wish you a wondrous day, mon chéri, with lots of bisous to you and Jean.

Xersex said...

very interesting!


Interesting as always! Yes! I've had sex with so-called hetero men and they seemed to enjoy it! One guy wanted me to fuck him as he fucked his wife!!!! I did not agree to that! Thanks for your visits and comments. Hugs, Patrick

Jean WM said...

And it simply makes sense, who made up all those rules to begin with? We're talking about consenting adults and maybe the most important rule is the Golden Rule. Don't forget safe sex though, that's one thing that's changed we can't forget.

Bisous to a hopefully dry French Patrick!

SickoRicko said...

Good reporting! Good to hear!

whkattk said...

@ Rock Hard - Same for me, actually. Except for one guy - way back when - kissing has been off the table. I'm not sure it has anything to do with intimacy for me - it's just that when I've got a guys cock in my hand (or mouth) I have no interest in kissing.

Imagination said...

@ A French Patrick - You are right, that the main focus of my blog RSM is on men and women and their hertosexual hardcore actions. Only a few posts relate to lesbian and gay practises. Not enough to be a fovorite blog for people who are focussed on the same sex and love it with enthusiasm.

But there is a good announcement for gays: I'm just preparing a post about a hardcore penetration scene of two men in the German TV last sunday evening. In the criminal series TATORT the lead detective superintendent played by actor Mark Waschke performed a detailled gay fuck with his partner Felix Betzin. Both are naked. Mark is lying on the back, his legs angled. Felix is lying on him and fucking him in his ass. The gay penetration scene is not very long, but great and stimulating!

Imagination said...

@ RockHard & whkattk – During sexual encounters many experiments are worth to be tried, without limitations. But it depends on the male or female partner of course. The idea of intimate kissing another man is stimulating (so far I have not done). If I imagine the situation, to have a cock in my hand or my mouth, it is appropriate and certainly emotionally crucial to concentrate on this horny game and nothing else. But an intimate kiss with this man for example could be part of an erotic foreplay.

Yet a remark to the heading of the contribution: I like the title THE FLUIDITY OF AROUSAL along with the exciting illustrations. Well done!

A French Patrick said...

@ Imagination,
Thank you for your answer and be sure that I don't intend to miss what you have announced.
I am 70yo, I have been straight up to my 30 years, but I cured (if I dare say) by falling in love with... a straight boy.
Best regards.

Imagination said...

@ A French Patrick,
Impressive the development of your love life! So in 70 years you have gained as well straight as gay experiences. That is interesting and great and was certainly exciting for you. Best wishes for the future!

SteveXS said...

Image #1 is great, natural body, total ecstasy, the way it feels!