Monday, June 13, 2016

An Act of Friendship, Caring, Love

We thank the people around the world who mourn with us, who share in our grief.

Words escape me to understand and explain how an act of friendship, of caring, of love, can evoke such hatred and rage.

The extremist factions of any and all religions have brought this on the world. And, yes, we have them right here in the United States. They even have their supporters within the ranks of the Republican government leadership as represented in the members of the Republican Tea Party, and a very large portion of those who made Deceitful Don their presumptive nominee. Fight back in whatever way you can.
Beyond the voting booth, this is mine.















Xersex said...

let's pary for them sending them positive thoughts!

mistress maddie said...

I have no more words for the stupidity and uncaring world we appear to still be living in. We most certainly have not grown, sorry to say.

Imagination said...

I feel with you and all who are shocked about the brutal and people defying deeds and grieve with all American friends! My deep and sincere solidarity!

The convincing answer to hate, violence and murder can only be: LOVE and MORE LOVE. "ALL YOU (WE) NEED IS LOVE!" Thank you for your courageous photos of LOVING AND CARING PEOPLE. Thank you too for showing boldly the contrast to the blood of death: SPERM - THE SIGN OF LOVE AND LIFE! That's a courageous, adequate and stimulating response!

Anonymous said...

Great post today. Thank you for the love and caring you show each day in your posts.

SickoRicko said...

Great post, well done!

A French Patrick said...

The Orlando attack is the latest, and deadliest, in a long history of attacks against the LGBT people around the world.

There are 4 manslaughters for 100.000 inhabitants in the world in 2015 according to the OECD. The USA are in the fourth rank of the countries where the manslaughters are the most numerous, behind Brazil, Mexico and Russia. 353 shootings since the beginning of the year, 336 days ago, that is to say more than one shooting per day. The same day to Savannah, in the State of Georgia, a man opened the fire on four people, killing a woman and hurting three men. 36 800 people were affected by shootings in 2015 and 12 191 were killed. In the United States, a young person of less than 25 years has from now on more risk of dying by bullet that in a traffic accident. Firearms are also connected to more than 21 000 deaths by suicide.

I am personally concerned, my love works to Orlando. This day he was invited in this club but declined the invitation. Thirteen of his fellow co-workers died. My day was a nightmare until he writes me that he was safe and sound.

I, wish you better days, mon amour, with lots of bisous.

A French Patrick said...

Paris stands with Orlando:
The Eiffel tower:
The Paris City Hall:

A French Patrick said...

One of my followers wrote: "i seriously want to crawl in a hole over the orlando shooting and i’m sure many of you do too but i hope as pride month continues in the shadow of something so unspeakably hateful and heartless and evil, we can take this horrific loss and let it make us loving, defiant, proud, determined to honor the lives lost and demonstrate how much farther we demand to move forward against hate and homophobia. i hope we can speak the names of the people whose lives were taken away from them in the same breath as the thousands we lost to aids, to hate crimes, to suicide, to homelessness, and we can be strong for them. it’s an extremely harsh reminder of what pride month has always really been rooted in. let’s support each other through this. let’s speak the truth of what happened: a terrorist act motivated by hate. let’s be proud of one another, proud of the people we lost, who were out just having drinks and dancing and celebrating pride weekend with their friends in what was supposed to be a safe space. they were family. they are family. let’s grieve them, and let’s reclaim our safe spaces again. let’s march for them.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you opted for the liberal rant that everything is the Republicans' fault. It was the fault of an evil man following an apostate religion which the LGBT tends to think is their friend. The Donald says we need to vet who we let into this country and make sure they accept American values which is you have a right to an equal opportunity to live in peace and justice. A vote for the Donald will mean everyone gets a fair shake. With Hilary it all depends.

Jean WM said...

For a country that has been seen as a leader in the past, it seems now we ONLY lead in senseless shootings of it's most precious citizens.

Oh sorry, I forgot the slogan "Make America Great Again" so that means going back to separate but equal, don't ask, don't tell, etc. I grew up with the separate water fountains for white and "colored."

So maybe we weren't really leading after all but just thought we were.

whkattk said...

@ Anon - No, I did not say "everything is the Republican's fault." It is the fault of religious extremists, many of whom belong to the Tea Party faction of the GOP.

We'll have to disagree on The Donald. Like Bernie Sanders, Trump claims he will do "many great things" and forgets (or chooses not to explain to supporters) they can't be done without the support of Congress. It's easy to stop bills from going anywhere, as Obama has found in trying to accomplish his agenda. Extreme conservatism doesn't work any more than extreme progressiv-ism works. A balance is needed.

Steve said...

No member of the Tea Party has ever murdered a single gay person. In contrast, the Islamofascists murder gay people routinely. It's their policy. And it's not only Islamic extremists who approve of this. A poll this week of young Muslims in Turkey found that a majority approve of the killing of homosexuals.

The party that is soft on immigration of gay-hating Muslims into this country is not the Republican Party.