Friday, June 10, 2016

Too Unsightly to See?

Things which do not help the cause of male genitalia to be more acceptable are small bits meant to be funny. Such as the Samsung refrigerator commercial and the toy with x-ray vision. The toy is on the floor, and knows what's in the fridge...then the camera pans to a closed door, and the toy says, "Barry! Put some pants on!" Then in a sad, distressed voice declares, "I can't unsee that."
Okay, the commercial is meant to be funny. But what it really does is perpetuate the idea that men's genitals are too horrifying to see. If I could find the people responsible for that ad, I would try to get as many folks as possible to bombard them with emails to set them on the correct path: We need to stop making people think a man's genitals should not be seen. They better hope that, at least, their wives or girlfriends don't think so.
It's kind of like seeing a guy take a shot to the balls; we laugh, but the poor guy could be seriously hurt. A bit like this GIF - thank goodness a guy was there who understood the severity of getting one's cock caught in a subway door.
But, what is so unsightly about a naked man?









What's ugly about this?
Or this?


Xersex said...

nice and sexy pics!

happy weekend!

Stan-Rhode Island said...

You ask: But, what is so unsightly about a naked man? If your straight perhaps you might not want to see pictures of naked men. But if you are gay, you will look every chance you get.

Imagination said...

A naked man with a hard cock can be as erotic and stimulating as a naked woman with nipples and cunt. I have no idea, why male genitals are sometimes made ridiculous or be described as too horrifying to see. There is of course nothing ugly about photos with male genitals. Your blog is the positive counter-proposal to such false claims and evil discriminations. The diverse kind of cocks you are publishing testify to the glory of the male body in general and to the male genitals in special. Keep up to appreciate the beauty and fascination of male genitals!


So much good common-sense! Great images too! True you have a good weekend!

whkattk said...

@ Stan - I fully understand that. But it still doesn't explain such a strong negative reaction to seeing male nudity.

Semper Veri said...

I have often wondered as well. For example:

It is ok for men to be in public without a shirt but women cannot.
It is also more common and acceptable to show brief crotch shots of women in rated 'R' movies but not men.

The only thing I can think of is that since breasts and penis/balls are protruding body parts... perhaps they are viewed as threatening in some way?

A French Patrick said...

When two negatives are used in one sentence, in French it is an affirmation. "I can't unsee that" translated word by word means I can see that (not to say I need to see that". But you are not wrong. I searched and I found "I can't unsee that" meaning as well "I cannot see that" (like here) or its contrary.
The result is that that gave me the migraine.
Fortunately, I have all the weekend for healing my mind's wounds, and (in case of miracle) for understanding.
On your side I hope that you will have no problem, mon chéri and I send lots of bisous for you and for Jean.

SteveXS said...

If you believe God created Man in his own image, well, that's a lot to think about.

Jean WM said...

In the old days, I think it was declared that nice women did not see naked men, or heaven forbid think about them, even though nice men did what they pleased.

Fast-forward, how many magazines, films for women of naked men? There are for gay men, not women. Men grow up with the expectation they will WANT to look at pictures of naked women. Naked men are not marketed to women. Could it be male egos couldn't handle the constant comparisons like men make of women?

Was there ever a movie called "10" about men for a women's audience? Until more women are in decision-making positions in Hollywood, there won't be. Stay cool this weekend our temps will be 98f/36c.

SickoRicko said...

Cocks are beautiful!

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Yes, in English, as well, the double-negative should equal a positive. Yet, uneducated people speak this way all the time. In this instance - to help you heal your migraine - it would mean that he can't forget what he saw; cannot remove it from his mind/memory. My many bisous!

A French Patrick said...

@ Jean WM,
I think that porn is made for being sold to as much people as possible, whatever is the film and whoever is its buyer.
I think that those who buy porn films don't care if the film has been made for their gender or not, and that they only care if they like this film or not.
Feel free to read or not this article titled "What Kind of Porn Turns Women On? You might be surprised."
Hugs and kisses, my heart.

A French Patrick said...

@ whkattk,
Thank you for the English lesson. It is a magnificent trap for the twats that, idiot or not, in fact we can avoid only if English is our mother tongue.

By the way, you know what is truly the biggest difference enters a language learnt before our four or five years or later? Before, it is engraved in a zone "reflexes" of our memory and later, in a zone where wee must recover the data and then process them by thinking a lot or more.

Bisous, my big lil boy.

mistress maddie said...

The naked male body, to me, is no different than looking at a beautiful landscape. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Now after this post Im off to play with my "boy" 😈

Imagination said...

@ A French Patrick:
Thanks for your comment and the very interesting article about „What kind of porn turns women on?“ I agree to you, that people who buy porn movies, don't ask first: For whom is made this porn? The most important question is: Does this porn stimulate me? Can I use it as horny template for wanking? Does it spark my carnal desire and sexual passion?

The quality of porn movies is very different. The assessment good or bad – I love it or I hate it - naturally depends on the personal taste of the consumer and their expectations. Are people looking only for a quick satisfaction of their sexual instincts? Or are they looking for demanding pornography, which has the potential to satisfy both the intellectual and the carnal desire?

There is a preference of so-called female pornography, for example in films by Erika Lust, Petra Joy and others. They put a special emphasis on the fact, that women and men are shown equivalent. This concerns nudity, genitals and sexual actions. They also try to show clearly - in faces and bodylanguage - that both gender experience lust, orgasm and satisfaction while they celebrate and enjoy the sexual climax. I must confess, that this type of pornography I love very much.

A French Patrick said...

@ Imagination,.
It would be interesting to know if it is the libido which commands the choice of movies, or if it is the choice of the movies which forge the libido.
My "Imagination" imagine that it is also easy as to know if the hen preceded the egg or if the egg preceded the hen.

Imagination said...

I agree to you: hen and egg is a good comparison with libido and films. The libido is a powerful energy and controls us diverse. Horny sex films sustainably animate our libido. Between both exists a lively interaction.

After all the selection of porn films depends on the moment of decision. What moves the buyer in his mind, in his feelings and in his genitals. In any case it will be crucial the strong desire and the aspiration for satisfaction.