Friday, June 24, 2016

Peals of Laughter

Turkey Tap... Evidently, it's a thing. It's the act of tapping your hand against another guy's package (aiming for the balls) as you pass by, 
whether clothed on the street, or naked. And, evidently, it's a straight guy thing. Is my imagination, or are straight guys finally beginning to thaw and figure out that another man's cock isn't anything to be afraid of?
Or, is this some kind of signal to other dudes that you'd be up for some fun?

Dad wrote in again with another round of thanks to all you readers. He took your advice and allowed his son to have his buddies over to the house. As the majority suggested, Dad stayed around long enough to meet his son's friends, and laid down some rules: No booze, no drugs, and they were to clean up after themselves. Then he told them what time he'd be back, and turned to leave for the evening. Just as a joke, he turned back to them and added, "No cum on the couch," and left with his son's groan and "Dad!" ringing in his ears along with peals of laughter from the guys.
He returned a bit later than planned. Only two of his son's friends remained, playing some X-box video game.


He chatted with them for a couple minutes, and then went to bed. He woke the next morning and poked his head into his son's room as (he says) he's done since the kid was born. All three were naked, sound asleep on the bed.

He closed the door and went about his morning. When the boys emerged, he made them breakfast.
From my perspective, that experience helped him understand that he could trust his son alone in the house. And the boys learned that guys being naked and being naked together is perfectly natural. They've nothing to be ashamed of.

Enjoy your weekend - naked with some friends.



Imagination said...

If you are free and naked in your home it's no problem. If you decide to undress yourself in another appartment or house, it depends on the situation, the atmosphere, the familiarity and the other people of course.

You only can reveal yourself naked in front of other naked women and men, if you have perfect confidence, warm affection and cordial solidarity. If you feel amongst them bloody good and perfectly well, you also can enjoy your own nudity with body and soul. And of course none will be ashamed of it.

Unfortunately this works only with very few people, close friends and intimate partners.

Xersex said...

truly happy for the dad & son.
love also "no cun on the couch"!!!

enjoy my last post:

happy weekend!


So pleased that things worked out well for the guy! Have a great weekend! Snow on the mountains west of the city yesterday! Cold winds today for us!

SickoRicko said...

Terrific update!

Jean WM said...

Almost sounds like a HEA. (Happily ever after for you romance readers.). Happy weekend and don't worry. What went down today will go back up.

A French Patrick said...

I am satisfied to learn that the serialized novel of mister Dad had a happy end. I think that he has had a very good idea by authorizing the tracks of sperm everywhere else that on the couch. All these teenagers could not make less than to accept this limitation very little restrictive. Myself, I never leave this kind of track on a couch. Well, at least on his couch.
Sorry of a delay which allows me to wish you only a good end of weekend in a near future to Jean and to yourself. But always with a lot of bisous, obviuosly.