Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Calendar Guys

And, then, there was a Dear Abby letter that actually made me laugh. Remember all the bare-chested guys in Firefighter's fundraising calendars? The one's where they'd be in provocative poses - but no cock showed?

This is probably the most iconic photo
Well, a woman wrote to say that a relative had posed for such a fundraiser...and passed out copies at a family dinner party, earmarking his page. The writer was appalled by this disturbing display. Thankfully, Abby put the woman to rights by telling her this type of fundraising is very common, and that a mainstream film titled Calendar Girls was made on the very subject.
It's quite the funny film - if you haven't seen it, do. And, like the top photo of this post, the Warwick Rowers are the most popular for connoisseurs.

 And these guys aren't afraid to let the occasional cock or two be seen.


So, for every study we find (as we did yesterday) that indicates we've made major strides in the acceptance of nudity, and the fluidity of sexual expression, there will always be people who can't seem to accept seeing male parts...





...or nude photography, no matter how demure the pose

Why do you think that is?
What is their objection?


A French Patrick said...

An original theme. Excellent idea, that changes us pleasantly, and it is a good thing from time to time. Thank you, my dear Pat, for this pleasant surprise.
As regards the nudity in public, what may I say which was not already said one thousand times? Maybe that that would limit a little the quantity of lethal weapons which we can have at hand? It is not certain, but at least they would be visible.

@ Jean VM,
I reassure you, yes I am dry. Well, almost. With two exceptions, that of my heart when I think of you and that of the many bisous which I send to you as well as to Pat by wishing you an excellent day.

Not Alone said...

For some it is their upbringing. I know for me it is, as well as worried about what others might think. I live on a pretty busy country road with the front of the house facing the road. Many times I'd like to walk on the deck and let the dogs out etc... but afraid someone might drive by.

Believe me I have done it once in a great while in the middle of the night, but not when someone could actually see me. I wish we lived in a place it was okay.

Many people think it is bad for the children. I think if it is just I'm nude at the moment going through my day it is fine for children to see that. Too many see nudity as a sexual thing,and don't want children involved. We make nudity about sex. It is not.

Xersex said...

love them with showed dicks and hidden dicks!


Blame "The Puritans"! Blame "The Catholics"! It is interesting that in mainly Protestant countries in Europe, nude sun bathing in city parks is common! A man would not be a man if did not have a penis! And that organ has a life of its own! You just can't control it!

mistress maddie said...

I think their just prudes. You seen one cock and balls, or set of tits you seen them all.

SickoRicko said...

Because they're Puritanical prudes.

Chris said...

It's our puritan cultural past. But this leads me to a question for you to explore(?): children under the age of 18 are not supposed to see nakedness -- why? When I was a teenager it would have helped to see nude men so I would have had some idea of what to expect of nude men and how they looked. Didn't learn about all the sizes and shapes we came in until well into my 20s -- no wonder the old nudies also seem to have overhung men -- and that is slowly changing. It's the curious teen who should be allowed to look too!

whkattk said...

@ Chris - I wholeheartedly agree with you. I, of course, saw many nude guys in the high school gym class locker rooms. Saw a few adult men naked in the locker room of the public swimming pool. But, it wasn't until the military that I saw more naked men (with and without boners) and became aware of such a variety of size and shape, cut and uncut. We do much harm in our misguided efforts under the guise of "protecting the children."

I know I have plenty logging on and reading here, and I'm thankful for that - because it means that they are learning things they have every right to know, and should know, in order to lead happy, healthy, well-adjusted lives.