Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Harder Boners, More Satisfying Ejaculations

Guess what day it is? Yep, it's time for


So, get busy down there, guys. Grab a handful, and inspect those balls.
And since
inspect that cock from tip to base.
Give those pecs a check.
 Nipples, too.
But, what you should really do is make that appointment for a complete physical. I mean complete.
Head to toe and every inch in between.

Request that blood panels be completed before the appointment. Ask for PSA levels be checked. If, like Faithful Reader Justin, you've been dealing with - as he called it - the Dud Wank, insist on getting those Testosterone levels checked; both Total and Free.

Justin states he's "38 now and recently I've found my sex drive wane. It's harder to cum. Being man crazy I can't stand waiting 2 days to really enjoy getting off.
The mind is willing but the machinery is not."
38 is way too young to be dealing with a waning sex drive, half-rigid erections, and difficulty in cumming. 

Assuming it is not boredom with routine, and barring any other physical issues, the likely culprit could be Low Testosterone, or Low T. Should your doctor determine a need for Testosterone replacement, insist on Bio-Identical Cream. It more closely matches the body's quality of production by the testicles. I'd also ask for the prescription directions to read, "Apply xx grams twice per day." to keep the levels consistent. This was suggested to my doctor by the pharmacist and the difference is noticeable. Despite my M.D., morning boners are stronger
Boners in general are harder.

And T replacement should assist with stronger, more satisfying ejaculations



Second last guy!!!!! Great upward curve!!! Great as always! I off to my doctor shortly about my arm! Not doing well! Hugs.

A French Patrick said...

Good work, my friend, from head to toe. Except for Donald Trump who is infallible, (while the papacy itself gave up the dogma of the papal infallibility) I do not see who would have done better.

What is indisputable, it is that you have of better reasons for being proud of your work than those that Donald has for being delighted of the confirmation which, according to him, the events of Orlando have brought to his blah-blah, empty promises, political rhetoric, recycled programs and other things which explain why I love him so much.

Today it's the birthday of my grandson Ludovic who is now 17 years old. That is why I have not tons of free time, but always enough, as you can see it, for wishing to you and to Jean a wondrous weekend with many bisous.

SickoRicko said...

Good points!

Justin said...

How embarrassing. Thanks Whack.

Xersex said...

my boners are made of marble!!!