Friday, July 8, 2016

Feed the Soul

I'm in the mood for some culture. Something creative. Something to feed the soul, and maybe the libido.
Sorry, but you'll just have to suffer through.












Do something this weekend that feeds your creative side.
What feeds your creative soul?
Reading? Music? Dance? Painting? Sculpture?


French Patrick said...

What feeds my creative soul? Other than your blog (obviously), evrything that I find interresting or beautiful. I do like your today's selection.
I wish you a wondrous weekend, mon chéri, as wekll as our belovedest Jea, with lots and lots of bisous.

Tex said...

It's music for me. Though I don't play an instrument anymore, I love to unwind at the end of the day with a little scotch and classical music. Have a great weekend everyone. Be safe out there.

Imagination said...

Reading, music and also the look of inspiring images is always feed for my soul. In special your selected and always great photos of naked males inspires me, help me to relax and to feel the spirit of sexual desire.

When I'm lying naked on my bed, close my eyes, hear the beat of my heart, breathe deeply in and out, take my cock in the hand and stroke my hard-on, then I feel in my soul deep peace, great joy and well-being fulfilment.


OH! We have gone all "ARTSY"! Beauty! Have a restful weekend my friend!

Jean WM said...

Turn off the TV and go outside! The news is awful and just sinks the spirit. Thanks Pat for the push. Hugs and bisous to Pat and French Patrick. FP you must think we have all lost our minds over here! Enjoy the weekend!

SickoRicko said...

Terrific post!

Anonymous said...

For me music and sex are a major combination

Anonymous said...

Lots of uncuts

Xersex said...

I live for three things: literature (& reading), music & sex (in alphabetical order)!

to let you know that

Anonymous said...

Nice pics. I especially enjoyed the artistry of #10 and the uniqueness and beauty of the penis in #11.

Alfred X said...

What feeds my creative soul? Photographing... have been reading your blog for some time... first time leaving a message here. Love the pic your posted :)

French Patrick said...

@ Jean
Is not it for a long time our daily bread? When that doesn't happen in our country, it happens in an other one. We are more sensitive to it in the first case, but that is not at all less abominable in the other case. Fortunately, we have outlets for these problems. As for me, such as your frienship.
Bisous, Jean

whkattk said...

@ Alfred X - Thanks for leaving a comment. They are always appreciated!