Thursday, July 21, 2016

Something Special

I didn't know any of them when I walked into the room. Not a single one. By the time I left, I felt a part of something - a sense of brotherhood, if you will. It wasn't a free-for-all, not an orgy. It was a structured event meant to help ease the minds of the men who attended. That this
was something special. But not special; it's standard issue. As we undressed one another, the instructions were to be eye-to-eye with the crotch, so that when the genitals were revealed it would be right there in front of our eyes.
Not a great surprise, no. But, that simple act became a revelation to many in the room.
With everyone naked, the instructor led the group through a series of sensory exercises. Two circles formed, one inside the other, facing one another. We were to deliberately look at the cock in front of us for a time before the inner circle moved to the stand in front of the next man; repeated until they completed one revolution.
The next instruction was to cup the man's balls in your hand.
More revelation for some of the men. Not just to be cradling another man's package, but to find that it felt no different than cupping ones own balls.
When we returned from lunch, the clothes got shed. Now, it was time to get serious. Standing in large circle, it was time to get hard. Grabbing the head and twirling the cock like a jump rope, fondling the nuts, stroking the shaft. Then, all hands to the side...and look at every boner in the circle.
The next step was to wrap your hand around the cock of the guy to your right. Squeeze it, feel it, pay attention to the physiological response. It felt familiar. Special, but not.
Because every male has this equipment. It's standard issue.
It may be slightly different in size or subtly different in shape, cut or intact
but it functions the same
responds to stimulus just as your own.


As Joseph Kramer has pointed out, this type of "group therapy" isn't for everyone. But it can certainly help anyone - perhaps straight guys in particular - who dares to attend.


Imagination said...

Again a great contribution with appropriate photos!
Yes, that's exactly, what I can always feel, when I read your posts and share thought-exchange with many like-minded people: To be part of a spiritual brotherhood of jack buddies! In this mental connection it makes even more fun to jerk together sensual and passionate!

Queer Heaven said...

So glad you had a wonderful event. More guys should join these types of groups.

mistress maddie said...

What a great concept for a class. I'd been hard almost immediately just because a stiff wind gets me hard. One of these class would be interesting to attend. Is there climax involved too? Because its not always needed for me. I love the working up part best.

mistress maddie said...

And thanks to you and mark, I have checked out the Philadelphia Jacks and may have to check one of there parties out. Wouldn't you know, a good friend lives just three doors down too!


Wish I had had something like that to attend! Great post again! Good results from the blood & urine tests!

French Patrick said...

I guess that while I am writing, you are doubtless assiduously listening the Donald's closing speech which is certainly fascinating. I envy you for the luck that you have of being able to enjoy this speech, but it is not a valid reason for disrupting your ecstasy. Therefore it is better for me to withdraw myself on tiptoes by wishing you an excellent day.
Bisous, mon chéri. Bisous my dearest Jean.

Jean WM said...

I do have some ah ha moments reading this Blog. I just never realized how out there in front male genitals are. Now I am beginning to notice (most women don't look at men's crotches.). It seems that men do a good job of hiding behind shirtales, long t shirts, etc. they often stand with their hands in front. It also seems the press, TV, etc also do a good job of above-the-crotch shots. There's a whole lot of fly checking coming out of the men's room like we all might see something so there is an extra check. You see a whole lot less of men than you do women.

There's alot of hiding going on so groups like this sound like a good idea. I can imagine the question many men would ask though is why would I want to? Love and kisses to Pat and FP.

French Patrick said...

Postscript: I was not at all kidding. If he is copying Bill...

AOM said...

Hello my brother! Ahhhh I would love some therapy like this. Great bonding experience with others and ourselves. I hope all is well with you and your. Wishing you a jizztastic day! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Fullmoonma said...

An illustration of another of Joe Kramer's principals - you need to warm up and establish intimacy to make an erotic connection. That's why most jack-off circles don't work for me. This was the way I used to start the group massage sessions I hosted 20 years ago, and how an annual gathering of gay men I attend at New Year's begins. This is effective (Joe would say necessary) and it was one such circle that got me introduced to my husband!

Have to go now - my husband is kneeling between my legs warming up my cock!

SickoRicko said...

Interesting and hot post!

Anonymous said...

I think this is part of sexual education, it should start at home mothers tell the daughters about the period, why fathers can't teach us about boners and cum?