Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Gift

As Jean has said, we have all received a gift. It has been given for our pleasure. Every man has reason to be as proud of what nature has given as women are (allowed to be) of their endowment.

We were born with it. There should be no shame attached to it.










No shame in the enjoyment.





Imagination said...

In fact the penis is a wonderful gift of nature (as well as the vagina is of course). We are not used to show our cock or to enjoy it in the public. Mostly we are ashamed, when we get a hard-on and if others notice it. But the more often we look at our shapeshifter between our legs and the more conscious we play with it in love and the more regular we masturbate it quite naturally, the even more we feel comfortable and can enjoy the pleasure of its spern and the peace of its warm life-juice. It's all normal, naturally and self-evident.

French Patrick said...

Sorry, mon chéri. No comment probably during about one week. I sent a mail to you and to Jean explaining why.


Love 13 - guy keeping guard while the other guy jacks off! That's real friendship! Had an email from Paul. He's off to Rome, then England on Sunday. Very cold and windy here today! Have left a "PACKED LUNCH" on my blog!

AOM said...

Amen! Truth Absolute! Thanks for promoting out bodies and our sexuality in such positive ways. I really appreciate you. Hugs and Strokes! AOM

Jean WM said...

What I have learned from this blog is that a man's penis is so visible to it's owner. It is a barometer for how you feel, how your day is going, your physical fitness, your age. Really a marvel. I laugh and think, who knew? Hugs to Pat and FP.

SickoRicko said...

Terrific post!

whkattk said...

@ Jean - It is all those things, and more. It's amazing, isn't it? how much men appear to discount its importance in their lives...when, in reality, most men are very aware of their cock's presence every minute of every day. Yet, many don't take proper care, and when it comes to the things that can go wrong, or the signs of those problems, they stick their (big) heads in the sand. Doesn't quite make sense, does it? Many hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

it should be a standard issue for a man