Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Really a Marvel

Our blogger buddy from Real Sex Mainstream commented on yesterday's post that we are not used to others seeing out cocks. And we're embarrassed when we get a hard-on and others notice. How true. And it's something we should all get over!
And Jean, my ever-Faithful Reader, remarks: "What I have learned from this blog is that a man's penis is so visible to it's owner. It is a barometer for how you feel, how your day is going, your physical fitness, your age. Really a marvel."
Our cocks really are a marvel. We have every reason to be proud. Now, I know I had the advantage of being in the military; when one lives in such close proximity and must shower, shave, and piss in front of others, and wake up to see all those get used to everyone seeing your cock in all its different moods.

So, yesterday, while out with friends and excusing myself to the men's room, I kinda had the feeling someone in the stall was watching me piss. I knew for sure when I glanced down and saw his cell phone's camera lens peeking under the divider. Well...

I never stand close, like so many men do. Nope, I don't care for splash-back all over the front of my pants. 
I swiveled a bit and said, "This should give you a clearer shot." 
That phone disappeared so fast! When I finished, I worked up a good semi-hard-on, and stood in front of the stall door. "Dude, open up, so you get the full effect." No answer. So, I dropped trou all the way to the floor. "Seriously, man, open the door. You can take as many pictures as you want." 
He unlatched and opened. He sat, fully clothed, snapped a half-dozen pictures of my cock, and never said a word.
I pulled up my jeans, buttoned up, and left thinking he could've at least thanked me. LOL. I know, at some point, pictures of me pissing, and of my half-boner will hit the internet. But, they will depict nothing that isn't standard issue for a man.

What would you do in a situation like that?


that one guy said...

I probably wouldn't confront the guy like you did, but I would definitely turn and show, and make eye contact with the camera so he'd know that I knew he was recording.

Might even pretend to leave and wait for him to come out; or peek under the door and memorize his shoes :-)


I know that I too have been watched pissing! But that was before all these new iphones! Great selection as always!

AOM said...

I'm sure your penis was smiling as the paparazzi got his pix! What a great story. I used to be so shy that that situation would have mortified me, but as I got older to pushed through the shy and now I don't care who sees - in fact, I like others to see - it feels so free. I hope you are doing well and having a great day, bro. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

SickoRicko said...

I'm afraid I wouldn't be as bold as you.

Imagination said...

This situation is a bit embarrassing. I can only imagine that a close friend takes pictures of me - naked with hard-on - in a situation of eroticism and sex. But that would be an exception and a stimulating special feature.

I agree with Jean, when he writes: "A man's penis is a barometer for how you feel." If something moves and inspires me, like photos, words, art, movies, encounters, then my cock is a sensitive instrument which reacts by erection. Then I can rely on the good feeling of familiarity and well-being. The cock is a reliable scale and a dear and trusting friend.

Jean WM said...

Geez, he was probably dumbfounded that you allowed the pics! He just didn't know who he was dealing with, ha! I bet afterwards he was sorry he didn't speak up. Maybe you'll see him again. Maybe he thought you were undercover officer. Bisous F.P. Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

I myself encountered this. I saw the camera on the side by my urinal I was standing by a stall wall. I kept on going and finished up and walked away. As I left the men's room I stopped and thought about this guy and what he was doing and hell IM gonna give him something to smile about. So, I got myself hard quickly (freeballing) and walked back in. Was maybe 10-15 min, I saw the stall and it was still locked with the guy in it. I go into the stall next to the guy filming. Another man walked in and I heard a scuffle and guess he was holding or setting up his camera. I took this opportunity to jerk myself a bit and build up my precum(I'm a precum gusher) I was dripping a nice stream and heard the flush of the urinal and hand washing and door shut. It was so quiet and I heard his breathing and well, my 1st time, I took my pants off and got on my knees and slid my hard dipping John under the wall. I saw his feet move and stop and heard " dude" I said "dude take all of your pictures that you want" he sure did, but next was my 1st he grabbed my precuming John and jerked me away. Was the most erotic thing I've ever felt having a strong hand grip me. He said to tell him when I was close, so I did. He let go and I think he set his phone up and took or recorded me cumming. When I was done, he said thanks, gave me a quick oral cleaning and stood up and walked out.

Anonymous said...

you can take pics but touch it first ;)